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Original Line Cylinders - 133 Pages

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Original Line Cylinders

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Original Line Cylinders Original Line Cylinders • How to Order • Introduction to Bimba Cylinders • Standard Air Cylinders •Three-Position Cylinders • Air Cylinders with Adjustable Cushions • MRS® Cylinders • Non-Rotating Air Cylinders • PC Cylinders • All Stainless Steel Non-Repairable Original Line Cylinders • All Stainless Steel Repairable (Bell Ring Style) Original Line Cylinders • Z Line Air Cylinders • Rod Lock Cylinders • 500 Hydraulic Cylinders • Repairable Hole Punch Cylinder

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Original Line Cylinders Bimba Original Line Cylinders WORKING WITH BIMBA GIVES YOU: • Worldwide availability through local stocking distributors • The Original stainless steel body cylinder company — with more sizes and options than any other manufacturer. • Custom-design capabilities for your specific needs. • Fast service — many models and sizes kept in stock for immediate delivery. Piston rod — high strength carbon or Type 303 stainless steel (see page 1.5 for more info) Rod threads rollformed for high strength Low friction Buna N “U” cup rod seal (optional) High or Low temperature...

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Bimba Original Line - Stainless Steel Body Air Cylinders How to Order The model number of all Original Line cylinders consists of three alphanumeric clusters. These designate product type, bore size and stroke length, and mounting styles and options. Please refer to the charts below for an example of model number BR-013-DBEE0.5. This is a rear block, 7/16" bore, 3" stroke double acting cylinder with bumpers and an extra extension of 1/2". TYPE BXX – Block or Trunnion Mounted (BF, BR, BFT, BRT, BFM, BRM, BFTM, BRTM) C – Cushion (CR, CF, CS, CM, CRM, CFM, CSM) H – Hydraulic cylinder HL – Low...

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Many options can be added to our standard cylinders. Options vary by bore size. See individual bore sizes for valid options, pricing and length adders for that size. Consult specific cylinder types in this catalog for options available for those cylinder types. Option Combination Availability Chart Due to design or compatibility restrictions, the following options may NOT be ordered in combination. For example, option K (ports rotated) and option Q (side ported rear head) are not a valid combination. Options NT and EE are available independently, with each other or with all other options or...

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Bimba Original Line - Stainless Steel Body Air Cylinders Accessories Accessories have separate catalog numbers and are shown at the end of each bore size section. Most accessories are zinc-plated carbon steel. We also offer stainless steel accessories in some bore sizes. Standard Original Line Cylinders are pre-lubricated at our factory with a semi-synthetic grease and do not require additional lubrication during their service life. In some instances where a specified option is not conducive to our standard grease pre-lubrication, such as our High Temperature and Hydraulic options,...

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Bimba Original Line - Stainless Steel Body Air Cylinders Mounting Mounting should be by the threaded stud ends, pivot or bolt holes provided. Mount cylinders to provide alignment with the driven mechanism, avoiding side loads that restrict the free operation of the cylinder. Free Test Cylinder Since 1975, our policy has been to provide a FREE TEST CYLINDER to any qualified original equipment manufacturer. This service is provided at no obligation, but we would appreciate a copy of your test results. Contact us or your local stocking BIMBA distributor for more information. Special Cylinders...

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Bimba Original Line - Stainless Steel Body Air Cylinders Types of Cylinders Bimba manufactures several different types of Original Line cylinders for your applications. These include the basic 5/16" to 3" bore cylinders described on pages 1.10-1.64. Weights published for each cylinder are approximate. Additional styles include: Three-Position Cylinders This multi-position Original Line stainless body cylinder provides three positive stroke positions with a single cylinder. Cushion Cylinders These include adjustable air cushions that slow cylinder speed at the end of stroke, reducing impact...

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Stroke Lengths Standard stroke lengths and recommended maximum stroke lengths are listed in each model description. Special stroke lengths are available upon request. Stroke lengths are available in lengths longer than published, but an application review may be required. The cost per inch of stroke is listed below the base price of each cylinder. On models with 1/2" standard stroke length increments, add 1/2 of the per inch price for the 1/2" inch of stroke. NOTE ON ROD MATERIAL: Please refer to table to determine the maximum stroke lengths for cylinders with carbon steel rods. Stroke...

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Loctite U-05FL or similar adhesive is recommended (not included). All product is sold F.O.B. shipping point. Prices are subject to change without notice. 1.9 For Technical Assistance: 800-442-4622

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5⁄16" Bore Air Cylinders • Ground and Roller Burnished 303 Stainless Steel Piston Rod Standard • Force Exerted Approximately 0.07 of Air Line Pressure • Enclosed Spring Force: .5 lb. Relaxed — 1 lb. Compressed • Cushion Quiet Bumpers Standard on All Models OPTIONS continued… HIGH TEMPERATURE “U” CUPS (V) (overall length does not change) Temperature Range: 0° to 400° F (-18° to 205°C) • Single acting add $4.78 • Double acting add $12.38 • Reverse acting add $8.74 ROD WIPER (W) (not available in standard single acting) • Add $3.48 MAGNETIC POSITION SENSING (M) • Add $8.74 • Add .15" to...

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5/16" Bore Air Cylinders MODEL/PRICE See page 1.8 for length calculation of fractional stroke for single acting cylinders. 2X #10-32 PORT 3/8-24 MOUNTING NUT (BOTH ENDS) #5-40 ROD THREADS (Ø.125 ROD) Double Acting – Air Return – Double End or Rear Pivot Mounting Standard Stroke Lengths: ½", 1", 1½", 2", 2½", 3", 4" Maximum Stroke – 4" Stainless Steel Rod Standard Optional Accessories: D-26765 Mounting Bracket D-26689 Pivot Bracket D-26690 Piston Rod Clevis Base Weight: .06 Adder Per Inch of Stroke: .01 Double Acting – Front Block Mounting – Air Return Standard Stroke Lengths: ½", 1", 1½",...

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