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Original Line Blue and Improved - 2 Pages

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Original Line Blue and Improved

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WE SET THE STANDARD. NOW WE’VE DOUBLED THE LIFE. INTRODUCING THE BLUE & IMPROVED ORIGINAL LINE — FINALLY A CYLINDER THAT GOES THE EXTRA MILE. ® After leading the way for more than 50 years, the best just got better. Clocking in at an industry-leading 3000+* miles of travel, the new Bimba Original Line® cylinders are designed to leave the competition in the dust. These new, non-repairable, round body cylinders are also lubricated for life to ensure less hassle for the long haul. To follow the new OL on its cross-country road trip and register for a free sample, visit PNEUMATIC • HYDRAULIC • ELECTRIC • WWW.BIMBA.COM * This life estimate may not include cylinders with design modifications, those exposed to harsh operating conditions or any unintended applications.

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How to Order The model number of all Original Line cylinders consists of three alphanumeric clusters. These designate product type, bore size and stroke length, and mounting styles and options. TYPE BXX – Block or Trunnion Mounted (BF, BR, BFT, BRT, BFM, BRM, BFTM, BRTM) C – Cushion (CR, CF, CS, CM, CRM, CFM, CSM) H – Hydraulic cylinder HL – Low Pressure Hydraulic (250 PSI maximum) M – Magnet option for standard cylinders MRS® – Magnetic Reed Switch Cylinder SR – Stainless rod, if nonstandard Please refer to the charts below for an example of model number BR-013-DBEE0.5. This is a rear...

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