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IntelliSense® - 4 Pages

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Predictive Intelligence for Pneumatics

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Introducing IntelliSense®, a one-of-a-kind technology platform combining sensors, cylinders and software to deliver real-time performance data for standard Bimba pneumatic devices. With IntelliSense®, users can utilize condition-based monitoring to be proactive about maintenance and system optimization to maximize uptime in the age of full-tilt manufacturing. The “intelligence” lies within the IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM). This remote monitoring device gives users operational insights at the device level. The IntelliSense® SIM can be easily connected to Bimba cylinders using...

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REAL-TIME INSIGHTS FOR REAL RESULTS With a constant influx of precise and accurate performance-related data, IntelliSense® helps users make smarter decisions to ensure maximum uptime and component performance. Predictive Prognostics Up-to-date condition information allows IntelliSense® to predict when a cylinder will fail––increasing uptime. Remote Monitoring Using a network of smart devices, users can collect data and monitor machinery remotely, even from multiple locations. Machine Efficiency With real-time data, users can identify whether a component is achieving its desired performance...

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PRESSURE SENSOR FITTING TUBE SIZE TUBE SIZE IntelliSense®Data Starter Kit Data Starter Kit IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM) IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM) IntelliSense Pressure/Temperature Sensor IntelliSense® Pressure/Temperature Sensor IntelliSense Fittings IntelliSense® Fittings IntelliSense® 2.0 Meter Sensor Cable IntelliSense® 0.5 Meter IO Cable IntelliSense Sensor Interface Module (SIM) IntelliSense® USB Programming Cable IntelliSense® Pressure/Temperature Sensor IntelliSense® Data Gateway IntelliSense Fittings IntelliSense® 2.0 Meter Sensor Cable IntelliSense®...

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