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Intellisense Catalog - 24 Pages

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Intellisense Catalog

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IntelliSense® Catalog Predictive Intelligence for Pneumatics

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Bimba IntelliSense® Introducing IntelliSense®, a one-of-a-kind technology platform combining sensors, cylinders, and software to deliver real-time performance data for standard pneumatic devices. With IntelliSense®, users can utilize condition-based monitoring to be proactive about maintenance and achieve system optimization to maximize uptime in the age of full tilt manufacturing. Real-Time Insights for Real Results With a constant influx of precise and accurate performance-related data, users can make smarter decisions to ensure maximum uptime and component performance. Predictive...

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Networks IntelliSense® brings three typically disparate sub-systems: Pneumatic, Data, and Controls, together to enable you to optimize your systems performance. The power of the IntelliSense® platform is its flexibility and scalability. From monitoring a single cylinder using the integrated status lights to monitoring dozens of cylinders on the other side of the world with the IntelliSense® Data Gateway, the IntelliSense® platform can be configured to meet your needs. Several sample network architectures are provided on page 18, 19, and 20 of this catalog....

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Software Features Cylinder Status The IntelliSense® software can be installed on a PC for local monitoring of the IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM) providing access to the current cylinder status, including cycle time, cycle count, estimated cycles remaining, estimated days of life remaining and estimated percentage of cylinder life remaining. The addition of an IntelliSense® Data Gateway and an internet connection gives access to the status of multiple SIMs at the same time from anywhere in the world. IntelliSense® Cylinder Status Pressure and...

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Kits IntelliSense® hardware is available in kits or as individual components. The kits are the most cost effective way to get started with IntelliSense®. The IntelliSense® Basic Kit contains just the basic hardware and software. It is designed for customers that want to provide their own cabling and power. Contents: 1 - IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM) 2 - IntelliSense® Pressure/Temperature Sensor 2 - IntelliSense® Fittings 1 - USB Drive with Software The IntelliSense® Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started using IntelliSense®....

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Bimba IntelliSense® How to Order The IntelliSense® Kit part number consists of five alphanumeric clusters. The clusters allow the kit to be configured to match your requirements by selecting the kit type and the tee fitting size. Only one style of SIM module and pressure sensor is available, therefore they are "fixed" in the part number as shown below. MA FITTING TUBE SIZE PRESSURE SENSOR B - Basic D - Data S - Starter IntelliSense® Kit Types IntelliSense® Basic Kit IntelliSense® Data Starter Kit IntelliSense Sensor Interface Module (SIM) IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM)...

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Kits Specifications Pressure Rating IntelliSense Pressure/Temperature Sensor: Operating Pressure Range 0 psia to 200 psia [0 bar(a) to 14 bar(a)] Back Plate Mild Steel Overpressure Rating 2X Maximum Operating Pressure IntelliSense® Pressure/Temperature Sensor: 5X Maximum Operating Pressure Burst Pressure Sensor Isolation Barrier Retaining Ring Sensor Isolation Barrier O-Ring Seal Operating Pressure Range Overpressure Minimum Rating 14.7 psia to 164.7 psia [1 bar(a) to 11.4 bar(a)] 264.7 psia [18.3 bar(a)] Operating Temperature Range IntelliSense® SIM Nickel...

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Kits Service Parts Components included in the IntelliSense® Kits can also be ordered as individual items to meet your service needs or adapt and existing IntelliSense® installation to a new application. Item Part Number IntelliSense Sensor Interface Module (SIM) The intelligence behind IntelliSense -- Five LEDs indicate the status of the item being monitored -- RJ45 connector for Modbus RTU communication -- RJ45 connector for Serial RS422 communication -- Two Male four pin micro M8 connectors for sensor communication -- IP50 Rated IntelliSense®...

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Sensor Interface Module (SIM) Service Parts Specifications Electrical and EMS Specifications Connectors Sensor Input Voltage 1 - 4 Pin Molex SLTM Modular Connector Current Draw (SIM and 2 Sensors) Electro Static Discharge Radiated Immunity 10 V/m from 80 - 1000 MHz, 3 V/m from 1.4 to 2.0 GHz and 3 V/m from 2.0 to 2.7 GHz Amplitude modulated with a 1 kHz sine wave to a depth of 80%.) Fast Transient Burst Immunity to Conducted Disturbances Installation 35mm DIN Rail using Brackets Flush mounted using Screw Hole Mounting Options Materials Housing Back Plate...

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Pressure/Temperature Sensor Service Parts Specifications IntelliSense® Pressure/Temperature Sensor Pressure Sensing Performance Specification Operating Pressure 0 psia to 200 psia [0 bar(a) to 14 bar(a)] Overpressure Rating 2X maximum operating pressure Sensor Isolation Barrier Retaining Ring Burst Pressure 5X maximum operating pressure Sensor Isolation Barrier O-Ring Seal Buna-N Environmental Specifications Response Time Long Term Stability Temperature Sensing Performance Specification Temperature Range Operating Temperature Range 30G 10,000 times each...

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Fitting Service Parts Specifications Materials Environmental Specifications Nickel Plated Brass Stainless Steel O-Ring Seal Operating Temperature Range Operating Pressure Range 14.7 psia to 164.7 psia [1 bar(a) to 11.4 bar(a)] Overpressure Minimum Rating Recommended Tubing Part Number Tube Size

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Bimba IntelliSense® IntelliSense® Kits Accessories The IntelliSense® family of products includes many accessories that can be used to enhance the functionality of the IntelliSense® Kits. These accessories allow you to customize the IntelliSense® installation to meet your needs. Item Part Number IntelliSense Data Gateway Remote monitoring for up to 12 SIMs - Ethernet and wireless connectivity - Data logging capabilities with 100+ GB of storage - Includes IntelliSense® Data Gateway DIN rail bracket IntelliSense® Junction Block Modbus and power Junction Block - Four RJ45 Connections - One...

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