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FLAT-1® CYLINDERS - 16 Pages

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3    Flat-1® Cylinders4    Product Features 4    Features and Benefits 6 Maximum Stroke + Extra Extension Lengths 6    Cylinder Weights 6    Length Adders for Low Friction Seals 6    Enclosed Spring Forces 7    Basic Model Dimensions 8    Mounting Options and Dimensions 9    Cylinder Options and Dimensions 10    Accessory Options and Dimensions 12    Common Cylinder Design Modifications 13    Single End Rod Repair Kits 13    Double Rod End Repair Kits

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Flat-1® cylinders have been redesigned to include a number of new features and new catalog standard options. New features include permanent grease lubrication, standard hard chrome plated piston rods, and an improved bumper design. New standard options are available in the catalog as well, including metallic rod scrapers, low pressure hydraulic designs, and a standard mounting hole interchange for another compact cylinder manufacturer. Optional body and bearing materials have also been added to provide the outstanding option breadth that Bimba is known for in a high quality, compact...

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18-8 Stainles Steel Assembly Screws Hard Chrome Plated 303 Stainless Steel Piston Rod Anodized Aluminum Alloy End Caps 304 Stainless Steel Cylinder Body Oil Impregnated Bronze Rod Bushing Anodized Aluminum Tie Posts FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Compact design provides machine designers the ability to use Flat-1® cylinders in tight spaces • Hard chrome plated piston rod is corrosion resistant and provides a hard, smooth sealing surface extending the life of the cylinder’s rod seals • Body materials are available in standard Stainless Steel and optional Aluminum or Plastic providing design...

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HOW IT WORKS SUPERIOR PRODUCT BREADTH IN A COMPACT DESIGN The compact Flat-1® offers mounting styles to fit most every application! Pivot Mount Front Trunnion Mount Threaded Mounting Holes Both Ends Clearance Holes Front Nose Mount F Series Counterbored Each End F Series Threaded Both Ends Basic Mount Engineering Specifications End Caps: Anodized Aluminum Alloy Temperature*: -20° F to 200° F Standard -40° F to 200° F (Low Temperature) 0° F to 400° F (High Temperature) Cylinder Body: 304 Stainless Steel Piston Rod: 303 Hard Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Lubrication: Semi-Synthetic Grease...

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Maximum Stroke + Extra Extension Lengths MODEL Please note the following: It is recommended to support and guide the rod throughout the entire stroke. All maximum lengths are based on tension (puling) loads. Compressive forces must be evaluated for column buckling. Length Adders for Low Friction Seals (L) and Magnetic Piston (M) * If L and M are both selected, use the M length adder. Enclosed Spring Forces

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HOW TO SPECIFYBASIC MODEL DIMENSIONS (IN)Model FO (Double Acting Single End Rod)Model FOD (Double Acting Double End Rod) 0CBOLT ©A DD CLEAR- , HOLES FOR / DSOCKET HEAD radcrocw DD CLEAR HOLES FOR D SOCKET HEAD - (SEE MOUNTING OPTIONS FOR DETAILS, STANDARD SHOWN) Model FOS (Single Acting Rod Normally Retracted) Model FOR (Reverse Single Acting Rod Normally Extended) DD CLEAR HOLES FOR D SOCKET HEAD (SEE MOUNTING OPTIONS FOR DETAILS, STANDARD SHOWN) * FOD models with strokes less than or equal to 3/8 have reduced thread depths. Contact Bimba for details. Stroke threshold is 5/8 for 4” bore.

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MOUNTING OPTIONS AND DIMENSIONS (IN) Nose Mount (Option 5) Available in FO, FOS, FOR models and includes rod wiper Pivot Mount (Option 1, 1N) Available in standard (as shown) or 90° Includes bronze pivot bushing Not available as an accessory Threaded Mounting Holes for 3/4" bore (04) and larger Threaded Mounting Holes for 9/16" bore (02) (Option 3, 3F, 3R) Available in front, rear, or both end caps Option 3R shown Mounting Option Dimensions BORE

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HOW TO SPECIFY MOUNTING OPTIONS AND DIMENSIONS (IN) Screw Clearance Holes (Option 4R or 4F) Available in front or rear end cap Option 4R shown Trunnion Mount (Option 2, 2F, 2R) Available in front, rear, or both end caps Not available in 9/16” (02) bore NOTE: Use caution when using a long screw that spans the length of the cylinder. If the endcap experiences flexing, we recommend the -4F or -4R mounting style.

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CYLINDER OPTIONS AND DIMENSIONS (IN) Rod Wiper    Metallic Rod Scraper Maximum Torque Recommendations for Nose Mount Option Hollow Rod Diameter and Thread Dimensions for FOD Cylinders Position Sensing Switches and Dimensions For options M (Hall Effect Switches) and U (4mm Diameter Magnetic Reed Switches), the default switch mounting post dimension is position 2. To locate the post in locations 1 or 3, please specify M1, M3, U1, U3 as required. To order more than one track, specify T1 and/or T3 for additional Hall Effect tracks or S1 and/or S3 for additional 4mm Magnetic Reed Switches.

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ACCESSORY OPTIONS AND DIMENSIONS (IN) Anodized Aluminum Clevis Bracket complete with Stainless Steel Pin; Designed for use with Pivot Mounted Cylinder (Option 1 or 1N) Anodized Aluminum Trunnion Bracket (includes bronze pivot bushings; 2 pieces) High Strength Zinc-Plated Rod Pivot (includes bronze pivot bushing and nut)

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The Model Number for all Flat-1 cylinders consists of three alphanumeric clusters. These designate type, bore size and stroke length, and mounting and special options. Please refer to the charts below for an example of Model Number FO-170.25-1V. This is a double acting, 1-1/2” bore, 1/4” stroke, pivot mount cylinder with high temperature option. 1 There is no stroke reduction when the supply pressure is 80 PSI or greater. At 0 PSI, there will be a stroke reduction of approximately .040". Bumper compression is linear for 0 PSI to 80 PSI. FOS models have a rear bumper only. FOR models have a...

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