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double-wall cylinders

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Double-Wall Cylinders/Repairable Stainless Steel Cylinders • Repairable Stainless Steel Cylinders 6.16-6.24

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Bimba Double-Wall Cylinders The Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinder Does It All ! One Basic cylinder converts into six NFPA mounting styles DW/RSS Cylinders O-Ring Body Seal Block Vee Piston Seals Wave Spring Aluminum Alloy Self Aligning Head Bronze Bushing & Lip Seal Wiper Four NFPA Rod End Options Retaining Ring Epoxy Coated Aluminum Tie-Tube Piston Bearing Ring 304 Stainless Steel Body Retaining Plate Hard Chrome Plated Rod

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders How to Order Double-Wall Cylinders The Model Number for Double-Wall® cylinders consists of three alphanumeric clusters. These designate product type, bore size and stroke length, and options (options are written in the following order: rod end options, and special options with extra extension last). Mounting kits must be ordered as a separate item, and are shown with their respective bore sizes starting on page 6.6. Please refer to the charts below for an example of model number DWC-1710-2V. This is a 1-1/2" bore, 10" stroke, Double-Wall cushioned cylinder with...

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders List Prices Stroke Base Price Adder1 (per inch) Basic Model Mounting Options 2S - Small Male Stud Mounting Kits Repair Kits MFFA (Aluminum) MFFS (Steel) MFRA (Aluminum) MFRS (Steel) 53.45 See pages 6.13-6.14 for details. Consult factory for pricing on individual repair parts. Accessories Models List Price List Price Pivot Bracket Pivot Bracket Clevis Bracket Clevis Bracket Nose mount foot bracket Nose mount foot bracket Nose mount mounting nut Nose mount mounting nut All product is sold F.O.B. shipping point. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Dimensions (in.) C Double-Wall (no mounting) LB + STROKE Y E1 4 x D THREAD LOACATED ON BOLT CIRCLE BC Repairable Stainless Steel Cylinders Double-Wall Cylinders

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Side Lug Mount (NFPA MS-2) (in.) US End Lug Mount (NFPA MS-7) (in.) XE + STROKE Y

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Clevis Mount (NFPA MP-1) (in.) Double-Wall Cylinders Pivot Mount (NFPA MP-4) (in.) P + STROKE E1 Repairable Stainless Steel Cylinders

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Front Flange Mount (NFPA MF-1) (in.) UF ZB + STROKE E1 Rear Flange Mount (NFPA MF-2) (in.) ZF + STROKE P + STROKE

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Double End Rod Cylinder Series DWD (in.) Double-Wall Cylinders Flange Mount (NFPA MF-1) LD + STROKE PA + STROKE ZL + STROKE Repairable Stainless Steel Cylinders Basic Double-End Rod Cylinder Mounting Kit # MFF (See page 6.4 for pricing) Side Lug Mount (NFPA MS-2) US 1 Mounting Kit # MSL (See page 6.4 for pricing) Mounting Kit # MEL (See page 6.4 for pricing) Note: When ordering Cushions Both Ends specify DWDC – One End DWDS, See page 6.3. EE will provide extra extension on both ends.

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Double-Wall® Front Nose Mounting (in.) 2.00 (DWN-170) Foot Bracket (D-17920) Accessory for Nose Mount Double-Wall Engineering Specifications Tie Tube: Cylinder Body: Piston Rod: Seals: Lubrication: Temperature: Pressure Rating: Life: Stroke Maximum: Epoxy coated Aluminum Smooth 304 stainless steel Hard Chrome Plated standard; 303 stainless optional Buna N Standard; High Temperature Fluoroelastomer optional Factory pre-lubed for non-lube service -20º to 200ºF standard; 0º to 300ºF with high temperature option 200 psi; 150 psi with high temperature option 1400...

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Double-Wall® Long Stroke Cylinder Selection Dual Pistons consist of mounting two pistons on the rod, separated a calculated distance to provide the required stop length. Available in one inch increments, required stop lengths are determined from mounting class and stroke information. Determining Mounting Class Rigidly guided, pivoted Pivoted, supported but not rigidly guided Pivot Clevis Pivoted, supported Free end unguided and unsupported Dual Piston Stop Length Calculation Select mounting class. Move over to the column showing a stroke length equal to or less...

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Accessories Rod Eye Bore 1½ - 2½ 3¼ - 4 (Rolled Threads) (Nickel Steel) Includes Case Hardened Pin (For -2 Rod End style only) Case Hardened Pivot Pin with Rings Clevis Bracket (Includes Case Hardened Pin) Accessories Dimensions (in.) Bore

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders How to Order Repair Parts & Kits Double-Wall Cylinders * Used on all 3-1/4" and 4" bore basic cylinders. Individual Repair Parts and Kits are listed on page 6.14. When ordering, indicate the quantity desired, the part number or kit designation, and the cylinder model number on which the part is to be used. For example, a Cushion Adjusting Screw for a 1-1/2" bore, 10" stroke, Double-Wall cylinder, Cushioned Both Ends, and a Small Male One Piece Rod End, would be ordered as follows: Quantity Model Number 1 A Basic Repair Kit for the same cylinder would be: See...

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Repair Parts List Quantity by Model Type Part Description Piston Seal Piston Bearing Ring Free Thread Ring* O-Ring (Free Thread)* Cushion Seal* Cushion Sleeve (Head End)* Cushion Retaining Ring* Cushion Adjusting Screw O-Ring (Cushion Screws)* Stainless Steel Body O-Ring (Stainless Steel Body) Wave Spring Retaining Ring (Tie-Tube) Rod Wiper Bushing Assembly* Retaining Plate Cushion Sleeve Piston/Rod Assembly Polymer Grease Lubricant * Parts and kits that are common to multiple bore sizes, which are available in two sizes: 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" bores are designated...

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Bimba Double-Wall® Cylinders Important Double-Wall® Information Rod End Options – Bimba offers six popular NFPA rod end styles (see page 6.5). Bimba considers the one-piece male style #2, as the primary standard rod end. A small male rod stud, style #2S, is also offered as a standard option. The stud is made from 125,000 P.S.I. min. yield steel and is roll threaded for increased strength. Special rod ends with different thread lengths, pitch and class are available upon request. Cushions – The Double-Wall® offers exclusive StainlessCushions®, type 304 stainless steel sleeves which enhance...

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