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Acro 600 Series Pneumatic Pinch Valves


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Acro 600 Series Pneumatic Pinch Valves - 1

SOLVE IT WITH PINCH VALVES WHY PINCH VALVES ARE REPLACING WETTED VALVES The new Acro 600 Series Pneumatic Pinch Valves are designed to deliver compactness and affordability without compromising performance. Choose from three models that accommodate a wide array of tube sizes (up to 70 Shore A Durometer), ranging from 0.094” to 0.375” OD, and pressures up to 60 psig*. FEATURES & BENEFITS: • Compact, lightweight design • Easy cleaning • Eliminates media contamination • Fast installation and replacement • Adjustable pinch gap that supports multiple tube sizes • Normally Open or Normally Closed default formats available *Some polyurethane tube sizes can use up to 80 psi media pressure The Acro 600 Series Pneumatic Pinch Valve is designed to function in a wide variety of market applications.

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Acro 600 Series Pneumatic Pinch Valves - 2

MODEL - TUBE SLOT SIZE SENSOR OUTPUT MATERIAL SPRING FORCE - LBS - COLOR I CYLINDER STROKE 603    -    0.187" Units - XXX Thousandths of an inch C - Normally Closed Q - Normally Open TUBE SLOT QTY S - Single Fully Removable Head Assembly Adjustable Pinch Gap Screw Supply    Seal    Tube Port    Slot We Make Things Move® To see how Bimba can help you find the right pinch valve for your applications, visit Bimba Manufacturing Company University Park, IL 60484 Telephone: 708.534.8544 Fax: 708.235.2014 Email:

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