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INSTRUMENTATION - Bianco WEIGHTEX Bianco® INSTRUMENTATION is a complete range of components for optimal control of fabric processes at various stages of finishing. Bianco® WEIGHTEX SWB1 / SWT1 are non-radioactive systems for measuring the specific weight of running tapes. Bianco® WEIGHTEX SWB1 Contactless measurement of Bianco® WEIGHTEX SWT1 Contactless measurement basis weight for fabrics and thin material webs of basis weight for fabrics and for coupled, laminated and coated moving webs measurement principle soft low-energy X-ray backscatter SWB1 soft low-energy "attenuation" X-ray SWT1 beam generator X-ray tube measuring range 10 - 700 g/mq on PET base SWB1 repeatability +/-0,1% o +/- g/mq on PET base (2 sigma Is - the greater) free distance for tape rolling 15 mm SWB1 electric power of complete measuring system < 1 Kva (including control panel and cooling system) sensor temperature range 5 - 70°C control panel temperature range 0 - 55°C cooling cabinet temperature range 5 - 50°C installation positioning fixed or sliding on a translation structure for measurement of the full fabric width velocita di traslazione sistemi a scansione 1-10 m/min depending on the application field SWB1 3-30 m/min depending on the application field SWT! The specification, data and drawings contained herein are purely indicative and may be subject to changes at the discretion of the manu-

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