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LS-4000flexbelt ONE SORTER – ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES FEATURES • High capacity sortation of a wide variety of size and shape of items • Two items per belt for double capacity • Discharge to left and right side (both items to same side or to either side) • Modular platform for flexible layout • State-of-the-art drive system BENEFITS In material handling operations there is no doubt that a fast and efficient sorting system is an absolute necessity and contributes greatly to smooth running of your distribution business. Now, with the LS-4000flexbelt, Crisplant has succeeded in setting a new and higher level for flexibility and capacity in high-speed automated sortation, by taking the energy efficient LS-4000CB cross-belt sorter with its wide range of cross-belt lengths and widths and expanding its control system functionalities. The flexibility lies in the sorter system using a one or two-belt per cart configuration that provides sorting capacity for up to four items per cart. Developed for manual and automatic induction on a cross-belt loop sorter, two items per belt gives a theoretically doubled capacity with discharge to left and right side (both items to same side or to either side). The LS-4000flexbelt is ideal for postal organisations sorting flats and parcels with flexibility in the use of cross-belts enabling sorting of a wide variety of size and shape of items, thereby • Reduces handling costs and improves operational efficiency • Sortation of fragile as well as low and high-friction items • Precise positioning and orientation throughout the entire sortation process • Power-saving efficiency with L ­ inear Synchronous Motor (LSM) • Low product life-cycle costs (PLCC). a ­ utomating the sorting of more items, including those for which manual sorting was previously necessary. The gentle belt sorting allows for the horizontal discharge of items to ensure precise position and orientation throughout the entire sortation process. LOGISTIC SYSTEMS

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THE POWERSAVING EFFICIENCY OF THE LS-4000 IS MAINLY DUE TO THE INNOVATIVE USE OF A LINEAR SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR WHICH ALONE CAN SAVE UP TO 75 PERCENT OF ENERGY USE The first discharge happens with the belt accelerating and running while discharging – but decelerating in due time before the other item comes off. The second item remains on the belt until it reaches its destination where the belt starts running again. Two items are therefore delivered in one go, thereby theoretically doubling the capacity of the sorter. maximising reliability and availability. The versatile, modular design is...

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THE REAL STRENGTH OF THE LS-4000FLEXBELT LIES IN ITS ABILITY TO HANDLE A MIXTURE OF ­DIFFERENT ITEM SHAPES AND SIZES Example A achieve ultra-low levels of wear-andtear, resulting in lower maintenance requirements, higher reliability and a reduction in the need for replacement parts. A further advantage of LSMs is that they operate at an ultra-low acoustic noise level, creating a safer and more pleasant working environment for airport staff. IMPROVED SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Evolution of BEUMER Group’s wellproven high-level and low-level software controls from the BG Software Suite with improved...

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Specifications • Drive system: Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) • Sorter velocity: Up to 3.0 m/sec (590 ft/ min) • Noise level: 62 dB(A) • Maximum item width: Up to 900 mm (36”) in certain applications • Maximum item length: 1400 mm (55”) • Cart pitch 1-belt item: From 600 mm (24”) • Cart pitch 2-belt item: From 900 mm (36”) • Maximum frame incline/decline: Up to 10° in both straight and curve sections • Temperature range: 0 °C (32 °F) to +45 °C (113 °F); extended range possible with the addition of special heating and/or cooling elements Crisplant a/s P.O. Pedersens Vej 10 DK-8200 Aarhus N...

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