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MYCHECK™ SELF BAG DROP CONVENTIONAL AND FULLY AUTOMATED CHECK-IN HYBRID FEATURES • Hybrid manned and automated check-in and self bag drop • Seamless integration with airport terminal interior design • Anti-tampering protection & safety features • Lean and functional design within smallest footprint • Easy maintenance by just one person BENEFITS • Fully automated with the footprint of conventional check-in unit • Low conveyor height for greater passenger convenience • Relieves manning difficulties during check-in peak hours • Seamless integration of software controls for airports and airlines Self-service check-ins and bag drops are a vital part of the passenger service strategy for airports of all sizes. Crisplant’s MyCheck™ self bag drop is a flexible solution which can be used as a fully automatic bag drop or as a manned, conventional check-in (self service check-in option available). This level of flexibility allows MyCheck™ to offer a unique solution which enables the airport to switch between different check-in procedures to suit varying levels of demand from airlines and from passengers. This flexibility not only provides a multi-function check-in for spaceconstrained airports, it also allows the airport to achieve a much higher level of usage. Switching between different check-in options to eliminate long queues and the pressure of undermanning in the departure hall during peak hours: • service check-in and fully-autoSelf mated bag drop by the passenger • elf service check-in by passenger S and bag drop at a manned counter • onventional check-in and bag C drop at a manned counter For passengers, MyCheck™ self bag drop is both simple to use and offers an ultra-low conveyor height so that bags can be lifted easily for added comfort and safety. A lean and functional design means that MyCheck™ self bag drop can be used in new terminal designs as well as being retrofitted into existing check-in halls. MyCheck™ is designed to be an easy extension to the Crisplant CrisCheck™ conveyor and features a much lighter architecture compared with conventional check-in desks and automated machines.

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Vital security and safety features include tamper detection to prevent bags being switched during check-in; double detection to ensure that every bag is checked; and also motion detection to monitor for the presence of a child or passenger on the conveyor. Seamless integration with the airport and airline IT systems provides immediate barcode verification during the reconciliation of the passenger, passport and ticket. All maintenance tasks on the MyCheck™ self bag drop are easily performed by a single operator. The design allows for belt tensioning from above and includes a special flip...

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