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Tilt Tray Sorter The BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter is a key member of BEUMER’s modular sorter system family. The sorter is based on BEUMER’s long proven design with torsion-resistant carriages travelling in a sturdy frame consisting of two track rails. The sorter is available in three sizes (BS7, BS25 and BS55) to meet project specific payload requirements. The tilting element of the sorter ensures a fully controlled tilting process and, as a result, a smooth discharge of the transported goods to either side of the sorter. One of the many patented features is the unique tilting mechanism. While...

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Some of the special features of the BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter are: • Superior sorting accuracy • Smooth and gentle handling of each and every product • Proven, sturdy design of all system components, available in sizes to meet project requirements • Tray material (wood, plastic mold, steel, aluminium, etc.), tray design (concave, flat with grooves, etc.), and tray features (retractable sidewalls, leading/trailing edges, etc.) can be customized to best meet the product characteristics • Double-Density tray arrangement (“split tray”) possible to increase system capacity • Tilting elements are...

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Key components of the BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter are: Optional equipment of the Tilt Element Sorter Drive System BEUMER sorters are driven by linear motors, also known as linear induction motors (LIM). Each linear motor consists of two sets of electromagnetic coils, one on either side of the vertical blade that is part of the carriage. As a result, the generated propelling forces act only in the direction of sorter travel. This avoids any additional loads on track and rollers as known from horizontally arranged blades and single-sided coils. Low wear and tear as well as low noise levels are...

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Double Density (DD) Trays As an alternative to the 2D-design, the BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter is available with 3D-tilting elements. In addition to the sideways tilt of the 2D-tilting element, a rotational movement of the tray in the direction of the discharge chute provides for additional product guidance during the discharge process. As a result, product is discharged in lengthwise orientation. Key benefit of this design is that longer items can be discharged into narrower chutes, while maintaining all the superior discharge characteristics of BEUMER’s 2D-tilting elements. In order to allow...

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fit during installation or replacement, and effectively prevents misalignment in long-term operation. Sorter Tracking BS 25 with Double Density (DD) Trays Tipper and Discharge Rail Each discharge point along the sorter track is defined by a discharge rail and a tipper device, both mounted to the sorter track. The tilting movement of the tray is introduced by the interaction of the slide tappet roller of the moving tilting element and the guide channel of the stationary discharge rail. In order to engage the slide tappet roller with the discharge rail, the slide tappet is being lifted by the...

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Set-Up Device with Tray Checking In order for trays to be ready to be loaded with product, they need to be reset to their horizontal “home” position after being tilted. The resetting of trays is done by set-up devices which typically are installed in front of induction areas and in front of horizontal and vertical curves. A set-up device typically consists of two steel brackets with one vertical and one horizontal guide rail each. Each side of the sorter is equipped with one steel bracket. The horizontal guide rail consists of a replaceable plastic rail which unlocks the tilted element by...

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BEUMER Sorter Control (BSC) The control of all machine level functions is handled by a robust, off-the-shelf, programmable logic controller (PLC). This real-time controller with worldwide available service and support, executes control commands for the sorter system and any peripheral components and devices, such as induction lines, batch dividers, scanners, cameras, etc. It also processes signals from all sensors and status monitoring units of the sorter. The BSC system can be equipped with decentralized I/O devices and state-of-the-art bus communication. BS 25 induction unit

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BEUMER System Server (BeSS) The BEUMER System Server is a customized server platform that handles upper level sortation control tasks, such as database management and communication with host systems, e.g. warehouse management systems Typical BeSS tasks are: • Communication with upper level host systems, via a multitude of available network standards and communication protocols, ranging in complexity from providing simple system performance statistics to independently processing high-level order fulfilment tasks • Providing the human-machine inter- face (HMI) for the sorter system, either...

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BS 25 sortation system at a courier and express service BEUMER prides itself with its well balanced range of products, its global service and support presence, and its established tradition of excellence and integrity. No one knows today all the sorting and distribution requirements we may have to face tomorrow. What we know, however, is that attention to robust system design, open control standards, and continuing education of our employees, provide the best insurance to be prepared for future challenges.

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Mission Statement BEUMER offers a global service concept, including 24/7-hotline. Online diagnostics tools are implemented with all BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Systems, allowing for remote expert support. Trained personnel are available for installation, commissioning, training and trouble-shooting. BEUMER was founded in 1935 as a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of material handling equipment. Since that time, BEUMER has always focused on providing state-of-the-art material handling equipment to maintain its position as a quality leader, serving many industries with...

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