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BEUMER STRETCH HOOD® A – AN EFFICIENT, SPACE-SAVING MIRACLE FOR SUSTAINABLE FILM HOOD PACKAGING PRODUCT GROUP › Packaging › Transport packs › Stretch-hooding systems › BEUMER stretch hood® A Products and technologies carrying BEUMER’s “made different” seal are characterised by their sustainability – based on their economic, environmental and social performance as measured by the BEUMER Sustainability Index (BSI). The BEUMER stretch hood® A is a sustainable packaging machine based on the stretch hood method. Higher throughput, space-saving design and ergonomic operation ensure high performance in the smallest possible space. ECONOMICALLY ATTRACTIVE The BEUMER stretch hood® A stands for lower costs and higher efficiency. Its compact design with no platform means efficient construction and thus an excellent price-performance ratio. Fewer wearing parts and ground-level maintenance reduce expensive downtimes, and its efficient drive technology saves energy. Thanks to the compact design, it requires a smaller footprint and can be transported at lower cost. At the same time, the machine packages up to 120 pallets per hour with very high availability. Film rolls can be exchanged extremely quickly, film cooling periods are eliminated, and optimised sequences of motions minimise the incidence of faults. REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT 18 Economy Ecology Social COMPACT PACKAGING SYSTEM WITH HIGHEST SUSTAINABILITY The BEUMER stretch hood® A is setting new standards, a fact demonstrated by its sustainability index of 65 (Excellent). Lower space requirements and extremely fast film roll changeover contribute to an economy index of 18. Even during manufacture of the machine, materials and energy are saved as a result of its design. Energy-saving motors and a low compressed-air requirement ensure a positive energy balance; the compressed-air requirement has been reduced by 80 percent compared with the predecessor model, tremendously reducing the costs. Additional eco-friendly features include the ability to use very thin film and protection against faulty hoods. The optimised size and design reduce the weight and volume of the machine and also make it possible to produce more ecologically practical transport units. SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, ERGONOMICALLY OPTIMISED Ideal working conditions with the BEUMER stretch hood® A mean lower noise emission and less physical effort when inserting the film roll with industrial trucks or lifting gear. Because the machine dispenses with platforms and steps, the associated disadvantages such as accident risks or time losses are eliminated. All elements required for control and operation are accessible close to the ground, which makes the packaging machine one of the

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PACKAGING PALLETISED UNITS FASTER AND MORE ECONOMICALLY WITH THE BEUMER STRETCH HOOD® A › Safer working and lowest installation height thanks to design with no platform or steps › Lower space requirement thanks to 30 percent smaller footprint › Higher production capacity of up to 120 pallets/hour › Energy-saving drive technology › afe maintenance without lowering the S sealing and cutting unit › Film feed without use of tools › Intuitive operation via the soft-touch panel BEUMER Group HMI › Reefing units move biaxially › interruption of the conveyor system No thanks to specially designed...

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