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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 1

DISTRIBUTION TECHNOLOGY BEUMER Q-|Sf=H_QnT ■■■^■■^■■^■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■iiiBiBiBiBiliBiBiBiBiliiiiiiiiiii™ BEUMERGROUP

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 2

PROFITABILITY, SPEED AND PRECISION – SYSTEM SOLUTIONS THAT WORK The BEUMER Group – Always in motion to ensure everything runs smoothly. Most BEUMER sorters are fitted with contactless power and data transmission, which means less wear and a lower maintenance requirement. They are designed on a modular basis, so they are especially flexible. And they are also extremely quiet, creating a pleasant working atmosphere for your staff. Items are fed in dynamically and ejected gently, which helps all your work processes to run smoothly and reliably.

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 3

CUSTOMER SUPPORT Customer Care, Parts Logistics, Hotline Support, Training and Qualification, Modernisation, Residential Service BAGGAGE HANDLING BEUMER robotpac® BEUMER stretch hood® Tilt Tray Sorter Cross Belt Sorter Tilt Tray Sorter BEUMER paletpac® BEUMER paketpac® Line Sorter BEUMER autover® Conveying System BEUMER stretchpac® Overland Conveyor Troughed Belt Conveyor Pipe Conveyor END-OF-LINE PACKAGING BEUMER combipac® Bucket Elevator PALLETISING SYSTEMS Belt Conveyor PRIMARY PACKAGING Apron Conveyor Container Handling Reclaimer Material Handling Ship Loading System Check-in Systems...

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 4

INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS FOR A DYNAMIC MARKET COURIER, EXPEDITED, PARCEL SERVICES The sortation and distribution technology developed by the BEUMER Group ensures a smooth flow of large letters, packages, parcels and other mail. A high sorting speed and perfect system coordination shortens delivery times, whilst the extremely precise sorting system reduces the number of misplaced items. And that makes for happy mail recipients. WE KNOW THE DEMANDS OF THE MARKET SMOOTH DISCHARGE – ONE OF OUR SPECIALITIES A high level of economic efficiency combined with highest sorting capacities for various item...

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 5

7. BEUMER Sorter BS 25 ET 2. BEUMER Sorter BS 25 MT-2D 3, BEUMER Sorter BS 25 MT-3D 4. BEUMER Sorter BS 25 MT-DD 5. BEUMER Sorter BS 25 BT with contactless energy supply with contactless energy supply Special customer reguirements are also accommodated, Shorter delivery times thanks to high sorting speea such as a certified volume measuring device on the sorter and perfect system coordination. BEUMER - ALWAYS CLOSE The BEUMER Group develops custom- ised solutions - from stand-alone ma- chines to centralised, software-controlled material handling systems. Continuous and competent customer...

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 6

WE HAVE BUT ONE GOAL: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MAIL ORDER For mail-order companies, the BEUMER Group’s sortation and distribution systems are simply unbeatable when it comes to handling a huge variety of different products for a wide range of customers. The computer-controlled sorting units can deal with up to 40,000 packages per hour – with a high level of availability and a low maintenance requirement. WE ALWAYS HAVE JUST THE THING Your customers expect around-theclock delivery of goods in perfect condition. They expect a sorter that can transport and sort everything from camping equipment...

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 7

Exemplary technical layout of a control configuration for the Belt Tray Sorter Linear motor BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter – control concept Linear motor Test module Scanner Infeed BEUMER SORTER CONTROL AND SORTATION SYSTEMS All machine-relevant functions are controlled by a programmable logic controller suited for industrial use. This real-time system, with worldwide maintenance service, executes control commands for all mechanical components of the BEUMER sorter and its peripherals (induction unit, scanner and destinations) and processes the signals from all sensors and watchdog units. The...

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 8

GENTLE, SMOOTH AND SAFE – ALWAYS ON THE RIGHT TRACK RETAIL DISTRIBUTION/NON-FOOD ITEMS Feeding system Induction unit Roller container Destinations Collecting belt conveyor Pick to belt conveyor BEUMER sorters ensure fast, gentle sortation and distribution of all types of products of various shapes and sizes. Technical layout of a BEUMER sortation system for the DIRK ROSSMAN GmbH logistics centre The BEUMER Group’s sortation and distribution systems provide the ideal conditions for ensuring that transhipment points, subsidiaries, branches and sales outlets are supplied punctually day after...

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 9

THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR EVERY TASK – COMPLETELY YOUR TASTE RETAIL DISTRIBUTION/FOOD ITEMS t tn aaeen eindd FFein itt t BBitee Full pallet storage system Pick-up conveyors Empty pallet storage system Feeding belt conveyor Induction unit Timing belt conveyor Side scanner BEUMER Sorter BS 25 MT-3D No-read system Empty pallet storage conveyor Hoist/Lift Empty pallet distribution system Sortation positions Food orders are easier to pick with BEUMER sorters. Technical layout of a food order picking system for Nestlé Germany THE BEUMER GROUP MAKES EVERYTHING GO SMOOTHLY ALWAYS FRESH ON THE TABLE...

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 10

SORTATION AND DISTRIBUTION TECHNOLOGY FOR A SAFE ARRIVAL AIRPORTS Smoother passenger flows, shorter connection times: high-speed BEUMER Group baggage handling systems minimise baggage transport times. With automatic high-speed baggage-handling systems, the fully integrated solutions offered by the BEUMER Group are the systems of choice for small, medium and large airports. In addition to manufacturing the systems, the BEUMER Group also handles connecting them to security, storage and sortation systems and to the systems transporting bags from the checkin area to the plane, and for the...

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BEUMER Sortation and Distribution Technology - 11

BEUMER Group integrated baggage conveyor and distributor systems improve security and stop baggage from being delayed or misplaced. STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY –START TO FINISH BEUMER baggage handling systems prove themselves in daily operation. Precise and reliable. In Dubai, Sydney, Hamburg, Heathrow T5 and Beijing. BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter or BEUMER Tilt Tray Sorter – the robust sortation systems distinguish themselves through their state-of-the-art technology, long service life and high level of availability. Interruptions caused by baggage can be reduced considerably using the BEUMER...

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