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Thanks to its flexibility, the BEUMER robotpac The palletized stacks are highly accurate and extremely stable. Therefore, the pallet loads can be conveyed and stored by fork lift or roller conveyor without any problems. The combination of the BEUMER robotpac solutions for the construction materials, chemical, food and feed industries.With a modified gripping modulethe BEUMER robotpac > can handleany palletizing job. Robust and proven machine components, combined with electro-mechanical drives assure safe operation, even when the going gets tough. The BEUMER robotpac > ή can evenbe used as an equally reliable automatic depalletizer. > has demonstrated its reliability in dusty environments commonly found in packaging operations. > ή with packaging equipment like the BEUMER stretch hood > providecomplete packaging and palletizing >

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Principle of operation: articulated vertical robot > Working range: max. 3130 mm Height of working area: max. 2925 mm Working cycles per hour: max. 600 bags/hr. > Bag/unit handling modules: Load capacity: max. 50 kg (110 Ibs.) > Speed of operation: Programming language: four-axis path control gripper fork suction gripper pallet gripper tool changer axis 1: 115ΰ/s axis 2: 120/s axis 3: 135а/s axis 4: 300/s Repeatability: б0,5 mm > 1575 We reserve the right to make changes without notification. 00 00 Օ GB 00/00

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