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Conveying technology Loading technology Palletising technology Packaging technology Sortation and distribution technology High performance for your specific requirements. Safe and reliable.

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Advantages at a glance • Precise formation of bag stacks • Sustained operational capability • Adaptation to existing floor plans and facilities • Easily programmable to adapt to a wide range of stacking formats • Fewer wear parts for less maintenance Efficient solutions that get the job done. • Variable speed for flexible, adaptive palletising capacity of the BEUMER robotpac® 1200 • State-of-the-art sensor technology: photocells and proximity switches (AS-i fieldbus connection to the control of the BEUMER robotpac® 1200) ensure optimally controlled functional sequences • Available with all...

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Operational description • • BEUMER robotpac® 1200 – Precision and high performance. The BEUMER robotpac® 1200 is an automatic robotic palletiser for bags. The high-capacity gripper picks up a bag and places it in its preset position on the pallet. The packing pattern and the number of layers are set at the control panel. Automatic, adaptive positioning of bag height to stacking height. The BEUMER robotpac® 1200 is equipped with a measuring device that determines the stacking height after the bag has been placed. This value is considered when placing the next bag layer. The gripper is opened...

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Technical specifications Max. palletising capacity: 1,200 bags/h (the capacity depends on the packing pattern, the stacking height and the arrangement of machines) Stacked goods: Bags Bag dimensions (standard): 600 x 400 x120 mm (length x width xheight) (other bag dimensions possible) Maximum bag weight: 50 kg BEUMER Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG PO Box 1254 · 59267 Beckum · Germany Tel. +49 (0) 25 21 - 24 0 Fax +49 (0) 25 21 - 24 280 E-mail: Further information is available at BEUMER reserves the right to make modifications that serve technical progress.

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