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AUTOMATED AND ENERGY-EFFICIENT MAIL TRAY PROCESSING HOW POSTEN NORGE HAS USED THE BEUMER GROUP SORTER TO REVOLUTIONISE ITS MAIL CENTRE OPERATIONS Posten Norge – the Norwegian Postal Service – has the ambition of developing into the leading mail and logistics corpor­ tion in the Nordic region, in a tandem with becoming the world’s most future-orien­ed mail and logistics group. t A major elem­ nt in this forward-thinking e approach is the development of an attractive workplace with a good working environment for its 2,500 staff. An outstanding example of this intention can be seen at Posten’s Østlandstermin­ len mail centre in Oslo, a where a strategy was implemented to reduce manual hand­ing and heavy lifts l and to create a single automated flow through the operation by combining a number of automated actions. ›› A new energy-efficient sortation/ distri­ ution system with auto b storage and robot palletising. ›› Trays are automatically transported and sorted to a dynamic storage system according to destination and departure time. ›› The system collects, sorts, stores and palletises more than 10,000 mail trays an hour.

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BEUMER Posten Norge Case Study - 2

To help achieve Posten’s aim, at the end of 2008 BEUMER Group was awarded a contract to supply and integrate an Automatic (letter) Tray Handling System (ATHS) based on a new energy-efficient sortation/distribution system with auto storage and robot palletising. The completed project, known as the Automatic Tray Handling System (ATHS), was put into operation in the spring of 2010. It is capable of collecting, sorting, storing and palletising more than 10,000 mail trays an hour, setting a new standard for short-flow, high-accuracy mail handling. In addition, it also achieves Posten Norge’s...

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BEUMER Posten Norge Case Study - 3

SYSTEM OVERVIEW: L ›› S-4000CB cross-belt, 484 m ›› Capacity: 10.000 totes/h ›› Inductions: 7 ›› Chutes: 124 T ›› ote size: Length 400 mm, width 300 mm, height 190 mm (max.) D ›› ynamic storage capacity: 5.952 letter trays ›› 4 robot cells for palletising letter trays. Total capacity: +6.000 totes/h ›› 1 robot cell for feeding of empty trays and pallets. In the dynamic storage, the BEUMER Group Tray Management System at Østlandsterminalen accumulates the letter trays in lines. When a line of letter trays is ready for dispatch it is automatically released from storage and conveyed to robot...

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BEUMER Posten Norge Case Study - 4

AUTOMATIC TRAY HANDLING SYSTEM (ATHS) SUMMARY The system integrates a fully-automatic dynamic storage and conveyor system. This will link all of the receiving, preparation, letter, flats, magazines and the rest of the mail process handling and despatch areas, as well as providing a dynamic storage system for mail trays prior to the delivery to the robotic palletizing system. The complete installation is managed by controls software written and implemented by BEUMER Group. BEUMER Group A/S P.O. Pedersens Vej 10 DK-8200 Aarhus N Phone: +45 87 41 41 41 BEUMER Group...

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