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BEUMER LS-4000CB - 1

LS-4000CB CROSS-BELT SORTER HIGH CAPACITY, HIGH SPEED CROSS-BELT SORTING SYSTEM The LS-4000CB cross-belt sorter’s high capacity and ability to handle a wide range of item shapes, including fragile and high-friction items, increases operational throughput without the need for additional floor space. In many postal, parcel, warehouse and distribution centres this extra capacity may be sufficient to cope with forecasts for increased throughput without having to make a major investment in a new building. In projects where a new build is still required, LS-4000CB sorters ensure that every cubic metre of space is used to its full potential. ›› High capacity sortation of fragile ­ ›› Precise positioning and orientation ›› Modular platform for flexible layout ›› State-of-the-art drive system ›› Optimised induction system throughout the entire sortation process ›› Optimised integration into an e ­ xisting facility and efficient use of available space ­ ›› Power-saving efficiency with Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM)

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BEUMER LS-4000CB - 2

HIGH CAPACITY, HIGH SPEED CROSS-BELT SORTATION SYSTEM In material handling operations there is no doubt that a fast and efficient sorting system is an absolute necessity and contributes greatly to smooth running of your distribution business. Now with the LS-4000CB you can combine speed and efficiency in operations with low power consumption and mechanical reliability – which translate directly into lower running costs. The system is designed to transport and sort items that present difficulties during traditional sortation, such as fragile and high-friction items. The gentle belt sorting...

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BEUMER LS-4000CB - 3

INDUCTIONS FOR THE LS-4000CB CROSS-BELT SORTER OFFER: CHUTES FOR THE LS-4000CB CROSS-BELT SORTER OFFER: ›› Dynamic functionality ›› Balancing algorithms ›› Handling a wide range of items ›› High degree of automation ›› Gentle handling ›› High capacity for best use of sorter ›› Optimal arrangements for every type of packing and palletizing procedure ›› Gentle handling ›› Batching ›› Smooth handling to minimise jams and best presentation ›› Ergonomics for efficient end-ofchute operations ›› Efficient layout for smooth floor operations A further advantage of LSMs is that they operate at an...

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BEUMER LS-4000CB - 4

›› Modular concept based on standard elements. ›› Drive system: Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM). ›› Sorter velocity: Up to 3 m/sec (590 ft/min). ›› Noise level: 62 dB(A). ›› Maximum item width: 800 mm (32”). ›› Maximum item length: 1400 mm (55“). ›› Maximum item weight: 30 kg (66 lbs) for single belt items. Up to 50 kg (110 lbs) in certain applications. ›› Cart pitch 1-belt item: From 600 mm (24”). ›› Cart pitch 2-belt item: From 900 mm (36”). ›› Maximum frame incline/decline: Up to 10 ° in both straight and curve sections. Optional design can allow for slight increase. ›› Temperature range:...

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