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LS-4000CB CROSS-BELT SORTER THE BACKBONE OF PRODUCTION AND WAREHOUSING LOGISTICS The LS-4000CB’s high capacity and ability to handle a wide range of highfriction surfaces increase operational throughput without the need for a ­ dditional floor space. The system is designed to transport and sort items that present difficul­ ies during t traditional sortation, such as tires with high-friction surfaces. The gentle belt sorting allows for the horizontal discharge of the tires to ensure precise position and orientation throughout the entire sortation process. ›› High capacity sortation of high- ›› Precise positioning and tracking friction items ›› Modular platform for flexible and extendable layout ›› State-of-the-art magnetic drive system ›› Optimised induction system throughout the entire sortation process e ›› Optimised integration into an ­ xisting facility and efficient use of available space L ›› Power-saving efficiency with ­ inear Synchronous Motor (LSM)

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In material handling operations there is no doubt that a fast and efficient sorting system is an absolute necessity and contributes greatly to smooth running of your production and warehouse logistics. Now with the LS-4000CB you can combine speed and efficiency in operations with low power consumption and reliability - which translate directly into lower running costs. HIGH LAYOUT FLEXIBILITY Another innovation introduced by this generation of sorters is a -major improvement in the efficient use of available space. The LS-4000 sorters are based on a common installation and technology...

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LOW WEAR AND TEAR Crisplant’s high speed LSMs also set a new low benchmark for product lifecycle costs (PLCC). With no contact between stationary and moving parts, LSMs achieve ultra-low levels of wear-and-tear, resulting in lower maintenance requirements, higher -reliability and a reduction in the need for replacement parts. Reducing the level of routine maintenance, as well as the frequency of replacing parts, not only reduces labour and materials costs to an absolute minimum, but also provides a higher level of system availability. A further advantage of LSMs is that they operate at an...

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SPECIFICATIONS Modular concept based on standard elements. > Drive system: Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM). > Sorter velocity: up to 3 m/sec (590 ft/min), (9,000 tires/hour point capacity) > Adjustable for 450 - 1000 mm tires in same discharge. > Noise level: 62 dB(A). > Item width, length and weight according to sorter specifications. > Maximum frame incline/decline: Up to 10° in both straight and curve sections. > Temperature range: 0°C (32°F) to +45°C (113°F); extended range possible with the addition of special heating and/or cooling elements. BEUMER Group A/S P.O....

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