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SAFE AND RELIABLE FROM A TO Z The right loading technology is crucial for efficient and safe delivery of your products to your customers. No one knows these key factors for success better than BEUMER Group, looking back on years of experience in this field. We can offer up-to-date, high-quality products and efficient operation due to our comprehensive know-how and continuous commitment to innovation. If you want the best loading technology - you want BEUMER.

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CUSTOMER SUPPORT Customer Care, Parts Logistics, Hotline Support, Training and Qualification, Modernisation, Residential Service Bucket Elevator Overland Conveyor Troughed Belt Conveyor Pipe Conveyor Apron Conveyor Belt Conveyor PRIMARY PACKAGING PALLETISING SYSTEMS END-OF-LINE PACKAGING BAGGAGE HANDLING BEUMER robotpac® BEUMER stretch hood® Tilt Tray Sorter Cross Belt Sorter Tilt Tray Sorter BEUMER paletpac® BEUMER paketpac® Line Sorter BEUMER combipac® BEUMER autover® Conveying System BEUMER stretchpac® Container Handling Reclaimer Material Handling Ship Loading System Check-in Systems...

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BEUMER Group is one of the leading providers of systems for bulk material loading. We offer our customers a high degree of availability and economical operation through our many years of experience, high-quality products, extensive know-how and the continuous development of our product line. BEUMER - ALWAYS THE APPROPRIATE MEANS OF TRANSPORT Bulk material has to be conveyed in large quantities via motorways and railways. Building materials, coal, cereals, fodder, mineral compounds or products of the chemical industry are often loaded at the production location in suitable vehicles and...

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BULK LOADING HEADS FAST AND DUST-FREE Bulk material loading at Dyckerhoff ... FOR BULK TRANSPORTER VEHICLES Bulk transporter vehicles can be loaded quickly and free of dust with the BEUMER bulk loading head. It is designed according to the double-wall system, i.e. the material inlet and the dedusting unit are separated from each other. The bulk loading head has to be connected to a dedusting air system. The hoist equipment is either a motor cable winch or a hand-operated winch. Material feed must be metered. An operator panel is used for operation. When placing the bulk loading head on a...

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LOADING SYSTEMS THE BEST SOLUTION FOR EVERY TYPE OF TRANSPORT ... FOR BULK TRANSPORTER VEHICLES Stationary bulk loading heads are often not sufficient in case of high loading capacities as, for example, in the cement industry, especially if the bulk transporter vehicle is standing on a weighbridge and may not be moved during the loading process. It should be possible to move the bulk loading head to each filler neck of the vehicle. Depending on the properties of the materials to be loaded and the length of the vehicle, a choice of different sliding or swivelling loading systems is...

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... FOR TRAIN LOADING Another important element in the overland conveying of bulk material, besides the transportation with trucks, are rail vehicles. BEUMER offers different solutions with telescopic loading systems for loading the waggons. Sophisticated BEUMER technology allows the loading of coarse bulk materials such as clinker or lumpy ores into open railway waggons, efficiently and without dust. We offer two different systems for ship loading. Coarse bulk materials, such as clinker or lumpy ores, are loaded into bulk carriers via belt conveying systems and a vertical telescopic tube,...

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BAG LOADING A SMART SOLUTION BEUMER Group products for bag loading allow for even and safe distribution on the transport carriages. BEUMER Group holds a patent for a bag loading machine with a bulk loading head, making BEUMER a specialist in loading technology. Whether on trucks or railway waaggons, BEUMER Group products make loading and unloading your transport vehicles easy and efficient. Tailor-made bag delivery to the truck BEUMER BAG LOADING The concept of the bag loading machine with three-dimensional adjustment and with a loading head for loading trucks and railway waggons can be...

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AUTOMATED LOADING AND PALLETISING FOR PRECISE STACKING BEUMER autopac® allows you to determine individually the number of rows and layers for the material to be transported. The fully automated BEUMER autopac® efficiently handles two tasks at once: loading and palletising of bagged material. BEUMER has pioneered in this field for decades. Due to its particularly gentle loading process, BEUMER autopac® leaves the bags in shape and undamaged when loading them onto trucks as well as on railway waggons. Relying on BEUMER means relying on experience, innovation and the confidence of a strong...

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Hiils :H!iss issS!: IS;;:::: m:: •• BEUMER Group is known worldwide for its individually tailored customer support. This is based on a global network of regional service centres. Our support solutions will keep your systems operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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f f CUSTOMER CARE Our customer care programme entitles you to multiple service options, such as maintenance and repair on site through our field service engineers or regular safety checks according to statutory rights. If hardware replacements are needed, our comprehensive warranty service ensures you are always covered. MODERNISATION We are constantly developing new ways to upgrade our software and hardware to extend a system’s lifetime, lower energy costs and increase efficiency. We will keep you informed of all relevant upgrade opportunities, based on an understanding of your...

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BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG P.O. Box 1254 ■ 59267 Beckum, Germany Phone +49 (0) 25 21 - 24 0 Fax +49 (0) 25 21 - 24 280 E-mail BEUMER Group reserves the right to make modifications that serve technical progress. Ident. no.: 83958-BE-300-V1-1.5-EN0717-LDT1706333 OMADE DIFFERENT Products and technologies carrying BEUMER's “made different” seal are characterised by their sustainability based on their economic, environmental and social performance as measured by the BEUMER Sustainability Index (BSI).

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