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Maximization of packaging quality, reliability and economic efficiency Utilization of covering films for the load protection of palletized unit loads is frequently required by many industrial companies, as well as by companies in the shipping and transport sector. The BEUMER combipac® shrinking technology meets the high demands of industry for packaging quality, eco- nomical efficiency and operational reliability. BEUMER has many years experience in the field of the film hood packaging technology. On this basis, we are continually developing new innovative designs which make the BEUMER...

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Protection of valuable materials during transport as well as against dust and environmental conditions BEUMER combipac® A system offering thermal shrink film protection to pallet unit loads. Packaged goods of all kinds are reliably protected for storage and transport by placing a film hood over them. The concept is based on two decades of experience in the manufacture of film packaging systems. BEUMER offers the perfect solution for every application, ranging from simple machines to automated high performance systems. Throughputs of up to 60 unit loads per hour are possible, depending on...

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BEUMER combipac ® E – electrically heated Proven process steps guarantee a perfect functional reliability as well as a high strength of the package. The BEUMER combipac® E is a fully automatic packaging machine, based on electric produced heat energy. It can be integrated into palletizing systems without any difficulties. Shrink film thickness: 40 - 200 μ Package dimensions: 1200 - 800 mm 1200 - 1000 mm 1100 - 1100 mm 1000 - 1000 mm 1350 - 1150 mm Package heights: Transport level: Pressure level: Capacity: Electrical connection: 1400 - 2400 mm (500), 700, (1000) mm 150 NL/package, 6 bar up...

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BEUMER combipac ® G – gas heated The BEUMER combipac® G is a fully automatic packaging machine, based on gas heat energy. It can be integrated into palletizing systems without any difficulties. The placement of the film hood and the heating of the shrink film is achieved by a ring-shaped frame. This frame moves in a vertical plane and is equipped with high capacity warm air generators. The line burners work without a pre-heating phase and deliver the required heat immediately as needed. They form an air heating system that provides constant, controlled low heat distribution for shrinking...

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION The BEUMER combipac® offers distinct advantages when compared to other shrink film load protection systems: Simple film guides from the roll to the machine head, reduces film replacement time. Sequential controls for film handling that will eliminate operating faults. Uniform heat distribution avoids thin spots and crease formation during the base shrink, lateral shrink and upper shrink phases of operation. Safety controls on all heating devices. No adhesion between the shrink film and the packaged items. Designed for outdoor storage to meet all environmental...

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