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COPENHAGEN AIRPORT’S BUSINESS CASE ON VCS Page 2 ENERGY EFFICIENCY FOR GATWICK’S PIER 1 Page 3 LONDON HEATHROW HBS REPLACEMENT PROJECT Page 4 WHITE PAPER ON IATA RESOLUTION 753 Page 5 LONGEST BEUMER AUTOVER® EVER TO BE INSTALLED Page 7 VIDEO CODING AT COPENHAGEN AIRPORT Airlines and airports alike are always striving to deliver a first class customer experience and connection times. Passengers don’t want to be waiting too long nor have to rush or find out their bags didn’t make the flight. The strive for excellence puts baggage handling staff under even more pressure to re-direct the luggage accurately, often within a small timeframe and avoiding short-shipments. One of the major hurdles to be overcome is unreadable bag tags. The majority of luggage can be easily processed through the fully automated Baggage Handling System (BHS) but periodically bags with unreadable tags must be directed to a Manual Encoding Station (MES). This diversion adds extra time and may cause delays. of the no-read bags no longer have to be diverted to a MES as an image of the tag is sent directly to an operator who encodes the information remotely. Karsten Madsen explains how the introduction of VCS is In an interview, Karsten most likely to reduce the Madsen of Copenhagen number of short-shipped Airports talks about the bags, reducing costs for the introduction of their new Video airport and airlines and leaving Coding System (VCS). By passengers even more happy. adding cameras and introducing a Video Coding System (VCS) into Copenhagen Continued on page 2 Airport’s (CPH) baggage handling systems, a

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Copenhagen Airport’s business case on VCS An interview with Karsten Madsen of Copenhagen Airports. Karsten Madsen’s department is responsible for baggage handling IT systems in the airport. This includes data capture and analysis for the optimisation of software and processes in the airport’s baggage handling systems. What was the driver for Copenhagen Airport (CPH) when making a business case on VCS? KM: There were three factors which were important: process time, capacity and workflow. As a large hub, the majority of baggage that we handle is transfer baggage which can have a relatively...

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them now they definitely worked well enough for us to consider this at a later stage when we implement mobile devices as part of the BHS operation. Will VCS replace the need for MES? KM: I don’t think that it will completely replace it but it will certainly reduce the need for MES which was our objective. How do you justify the investment in the VCS? KM: We already had cameras installed so the decision to make a business case for the VCS was a natural development. I would have to add, however, that even if we had needed to invest in cameras, the reduction in no-reads alone would have been...

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BEUMER BagLog 11 - 4

READY FOR ECAC STANDARD 3 London Heathrow hold baggage screening replacement project BEUMER Group UK has successfully installed the first of a total of 32 hold baggage screening (HBS) machines at London Heathrow Airport (LHR). The upgrade to ECAC3-compliant HBS machines is part of Heathrow Airport’s 1.5bn ‘Q6’ investment portfolio. The 32 new HBS machines will replace 40 legacy scanners. With the heaviest part of the HBS scanner module weighing around 5 tonnes the logistics of the installation were challenging. Prior to the delivery, two trials were carried out to check the suitability of...

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BEUMER BagLog 11 - 5

New white paper on IATA Resolution 753 A new White Paper, written and published by the BEUMER Group considers the implications of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Resolution 753 for airports, airlines and baggage handling companies. With a compliance deadline of June 2018, Resolution 753 will require all of these stakeholders to work together to implement processes which will allow the airlines to fulfill their responsibility of ensuring that each bag is delivered to the correct passenger. The White Paper draws on BEUMER Group’s 40 years of experience in upgrading and...

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BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEM OPERATION & MAINTENANCE Error-free at Viracopos After its first full year of operation the baggage handling system at Viracopos Airport, Brazil, handled the baggage for 4400 flights without a single baggagerelated delay and without a single work order required for corrective maintenance. The baggage handling system was installed in the airport’s new international terminal by BEUMER Latinoamericana Equipamentos Ltda. (BLE). Crucially, the airport operators, Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos, had agreed a 24-month Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contract with BLE. This ensured...

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BEUMER BagLog 11 - 7

NEW BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEM Sheremetyevo International: Longest BEUMER autover® ever to be installed Russia’s largest airport, Sheremetyevo International, will feature the longest BEUMER autover® ever to be installed as part of their new automated inter-terminal baggage handling system connecting the North Terminal Complex and the South Terminal Complex. The development project for the North Terminal Complex at Sheremetyevo Airport represents a large-scale and unique project for Russian civil aviation,” explains Evgeny Tumel, Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer of Sheremetyevo Airport....

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BEUMER BagLog 11 - 8

NEW APPROACH TO BAGGAGE STORAGE From a line-based to rack-based early bag store A new approach to the early baggage storage (EBS) promises to provide more flexible check-in times for passengers in addition to helping airports to manage peak volumes and enhance the productivity of the groundhandling staff. The move from the conventional line-based EBS, based on a sorter, conveyor or tote-based system, to a rack-based CrisStore® system transforms the conventional EBS into a dynamic EBS. This changes the conventional push-based system, in which bags are introduced, sorted and discharged to a...

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