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BEUMER AUTOVER® INDEPENDENT CARRIER SYSTEM FAST, FLEXIBLE AND SAFE The BEUMER autover® is an independent carrier system (ICS), in which the intelligent autoca® carrier, provides accurate, gentle and reliable baggage handling. The combination of the BEUMER -autover® passive rail system, with multiple independent BEUMER autoca®, allows each single item of baggage to be transported fast and carefully for delivery to its correct destination. Each autoca® collects a single item of baggage from a loading station, typically after check-in, and transports it independently to its destination. FEATURES > Gentle sortation and transport of baggage > One bag per autoca® increases traceability, security and 100% accurate track-and-trace of baggage at every stage of the handling process > Contactless power and data transmission for high efficiency and low maintenance > Can be directly linked to security systems for 100% traceability > Virtually maintenance free rail system with no moving parts. BENEFITS > Fast, flexible and safe baggage handling from check-in to screening and discharge > Reduces energy consumption by only using the required number of BEUMER autoca® > Allows for easy and cost-effective extension > Central service station for easy maintenance while system is in operation > Autoca carriers handle various bag sizes, standard to OOG, as well as CrisBag® totes.

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BEUME CROUP Online alarm view II tWI -CCVXOWJMJ tl (m>hm4<m>ikM l|:»J-Jl SI U DM ICOTMLW KM 1 VW'TOII IlllfJIll It'n'Wll 11:11:14. HJ The upper level management system assigns tasks to the individual autoca and also includes a SCADA solution to monitor and operate the system in a -graphical, real-time overview. The SCADA shows the currecnt position of each autoca®, also when moving, as well as its technical and operational status. The system also offers the functionality to change flight data for loaded bags in the -autover® system, as well as extended statistical values in a graphical,...

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ENHANCING AIRPORT SAFETY The BEUMER autover® system can also help airports to comply with the most stringent safety regulations by providing 100% track-and-trace of baggage at every stage of the handling process. At Montreal Airport, for example, autover® enhances the security process by uniquely linking each piece of baggage to the passenger. No item of baggage in the early baggage storage (EBS) system is released or transported to its final destination until both the baggage and the passenger have cleared all security checks. At Nice Cote d’Azur Airport, the autoca® transport baggage to...

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SPECIFICATIONS > Maximum speed: 10 m/s > Maximum acceleration: 1.5 m/s > Loading speed: 0 - 2.3 m/s > Loading capacity/feeding: 920 - 2,400 bags/h > Unloading speed: 0 - 2.3 m/s > Unloading capacity/discharge: 920 - 2,400 bags/h > Curve radius: >= 1,250 mm /2,500 mm /5,000 mm. Other radii on special request > Standard autoca with belt Maximum baggage size: Length: 1.000mm Extended autoca with belt Maximum baggage size: Length: 1.400mm > OOG autoca Maximum baggage size: Length: 2.500mm > Maximum baggage size may vary depending on system layout. BEUMER Group A/S...

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