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SAFE TRANSPORTATION OF HOT SUBSTANCES BEUMER apron conveyors fulfil all requirements with regard to centre distances, routing and conveying heights It is a matter of operational reliability when conveying hot materials that can leave the kiln cooling system with temperatures of up to 600 °C. In these situations, an innovative, robust and reliable conveying system is required. Sophisticated technology, many years of experience and maximum precision make sure that BEUMER Group apron conveyors cater for maximum economic efficiency. EFFICIENT TRANSPORTATION EVEN IF IT GETS EXTREMELY HOT OPTIMUM...

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APRON CONVEYORS ROBUST AND RELIABLE TRANSPORT OF HOT MATERIALS Apron conveyor without adapter bars for inclinations from 0° to 30° Apron conveyors with adapter bars for inclinations from 30° to 35° Apron conveyors with adapter bars for inclinations from 35° to 45° Steel box conveyors for inclinations from 0° to 60° PRACTICAL RUNNER FASTENING The low-wear and dust-proof runner of the apron conveyors is fastened to the cell bottom by a clamping pipe. This permits self-adjusting of the runner so that the latter does not have to be further adjusted during installation. In addition, the runner...

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BELT APRON CONVEYORS MOVING HOT MATERIAL IN FASTER AND MORE EFFICIENT WAY BEUMER belt apron conveyors Fitting of cells on robust steel wire belt When the challenges increase HOT CAPACITY WITH PEAK VALUES BEUMER have an extremly The belt apron conveyors of BEUMER Group are able to convey hot materials, efficient solution to overcome as for example clinker, with angles of difficult material flows and inclination of up to 60° without particular conveying height: The belt apron measures, at a speed of up to 0.6 m/s conveyors of BEUMER Group help in safe and efficient way. The systems to...

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Transport of hot materials with temperatures of up to 600 °C and higher Design of belt apron conveyors COST BENEFITS EVERYWHERE QUIET OPERATION FOR HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY The narrow and weight-reduced design of the belt apron conveyors reduces the steel structure and freight costs. Furthermore, the minor net weight lowers the static and dynamic loads which, for example, affect the clinker silo. Within the framework of a new construction project, the silo can be dimensioned to a more restricted load and thus the construction costs can be reduced. The lightweight design also lowers operational...

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TIPPING TRAY CONVEYORS FLEXIBLE DISCHARGE OF VARIOUS BULK MATERIALS Design of tipping tray conveyors The use of high-quality materials in connection with an innovative technology and careful processing, caters for long service life and thus for a high economic benefit. MORE AND MORE FLEXIBILITY The tipping tray conveyor with intermediate discharge station is used at those places where several feeding and discharging points can be optionally approached or different materials such as clinker, limestone and gypsum can be transported and distributed at the same time. This may be the case when...

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ACCESSORIES PERFECT TECHNOLOGY FOR AN OPTIMUM TRANSPORTATION Dust-reduced silo discharge system for environmental protection In order to prevent pollution of systems and environment, BEUMER Group has developed a silo discharge system which is compatible with the apron conveyors and minimises the dust exposure while the bulk materials are transferred from the silo to the apron conveyors. THE SILO DISCHARGE SYSTEM A gravity-draining silo discharge system is used as interface between the clinker silo and the apron conveyor. Owing to its constructive design, the silo discharge system is able to...

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LOADING SYSTEMS FOR OPEN VEHICLES Fast, dust-reduced bulk material loading BEUMER Group offers the suitable technology also for the onward transport of bulk materials, enabling open vehicles to be loaded with reduced dust development. Bulk loading heads for open vehicles INTELLIGENT, DUST-REDUCED LOADING Various bulk loading heads, with integrated wear protection and a loading capacity of up to 300 m²/h, are available for the dust-reduced loading of open vehicles. When the loading process starts, the bulk loading head is lowered to the floor of the vehicle and the material feed is switched...

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WELL-PROVEN BEUMER APRON CONVEYORS BEUMER APRON CONVEYORS IN OPERATION WORLD-WIDE BEUMER APRON CONVEYORS ›› Lafarge, Poland ›› CRH, Serbia ›› Yamama, Saudi-Arabia ›› TPI, Thailand ›› Dangote, Kongo BEUMER BELT APRON CONVEYORS ›› Cemex, Germany ›› Aalborg Portland, Denmark ›› Jidong Cement, China ›› TPI, Thailand ›› Holcim, Argentina BEUMER LOADING SYSTEMS ›› HeidelbergCement, Romania ›› P.T. Semen, Indonesia ›

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SIMPLY WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORT BEUMER Croup is known tailored customer support. This is based on a global network of regional service centres. Our support solutions will keep your systems operating -

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At BEUMER Group, the focus is always on people. We build strong partnerships through personal relationships and individual attention. CUSTOMER CARE Our customer care programme entitles you to multiple service options, such as maintenance and repair on site through our field service engineers or regular safety checks according to statutory rights. If hardware replacements are needed, our comprehensive warranty service ensures you are always covered. MODERNISATION We are constantly developing new ways to upgrade our software and hardware to extend a system’s lifetime, lower energy costs and...

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Products and technologies carrying BEUMER’s “made different” seal are characterised by their sustainability based on their economic, environmental and social performance as measured by Beumer reserves the right to make modifications that serve technical progress. Ident. no.: 74600-BE-100-V3-0.5DE0616-GB160018 the BEUMER Sustainability Index (B

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