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Reliable Partner - Reliable Products Leading system partner for cutting aggregates and machine components Static Tool Live Tools ^> Speeders

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Right angle heads - the optimum for every application Models and application examples Angle head 90° Type MONO WSX: For single milling and drilling operati- ons without clearance issues. Adjustable angle head 0-100° Type For drilling or light duty milling Angle head 90° offset Type FORTE increased usable tool length (in case of limited space in the tool magazine) internal coolant is an option. Fixed angle head Type FIX WFX: For milling and drilling operations at Angle head 90°narrow form To slide into small bores or when clearance issues/space restrictions are Two sides angle head 90° Type...

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Designs for flexible applications Build your BENZ tool according to your indi- vidual needs. 1 Right angle head: designs depending on your manufactu- ring needs available in various sizes. 2 Tool output: standard equipped with collet chuck type ER (DIN 6499) or our modular system BMS. All standard too- ling configurations or special designs are possible. 3 Torque arm: is build according to machine specifications. Alternatively a standard torque arm is available from BENZ. 4 Drive: all standard models are available. Individual customer requirements, such as: additional functionality of a...

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Complete Solutions: Right angle heads Automotive Windpower 4 Aerospace

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High speed spindles BENZ High Speed Spindles offer solutions for all applications where the existing machine rpm and the resulting cutting speeds do not allow for an efficient production. With ceramic bearings for high speed cutting Revolutions up to 40.000 rpm (with coolant) Revolutions up to 25.000 rpm (without coolant) Especially suitable for precise machining High flexibility due to exchangeable torque arm All types of high speed spindles produced standard with jacket cooling. This reduces operating temperature and results in consistent operating parameters. Wide range of standard...

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Static and Live tooling for CNC Turning and Swiss style lathes Axial drilling Radial drilling Swivel head milling head Radial drilling head offset milling head offset milling head with Special purpose solutions Axial multi spindle drill head Inside milling head (star turret) Double spindle Angle drilling and milling head with BENZ Capto On request there are also multispindleheads (axial, radial), radial key cutter (y-adjustable), inside milling heads, cross milling heads and angle drilling and milling heads (fixed angles, radial and axial)

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Use of live tools on lathes with: BENZ live tools using crown gear technology Star turret Disc turret Full-range supplier of static and live tools for: Baruffaldi Revolver Cincinnati Cinturn "Core product range Hitachi Seiki Laru Revolver MORI SEIKI* Sauter Revolver* double stage BENZ ,AS' Alignment system • Easy Handling - Adjusting with single screw • Minimize setup times • Adjusted position is permanently / mechanically defined • High repeatability

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Complete Solutions: Live tools Automotive Aerospace 1 2 Windpower 8

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Universal tool connection system with high- est precision, repeatability and flexibility. Change the tool interface fast and efficiently for optimal time and cost savings. The combination of taper, cylindrical and Z plane centering achieves a repeatability of < 10 |jm centering while touching the plane: Reduce Costs Compact Design Shrink fit chuck short Collet chuck Also available: BENZ Capto For three-dimensional machining. Milling heads of the VIPAtec series offer multiple possibilities in applications for machining wood, non-ferrous metals and composite as well as plastic materials.

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Live tools with Coromant Capto® clamping system C3 / C4 / C5 3 2 4 6 5 L1 D A $aeu5 $aed5 $aed4 $aeu4 $aed3 $aeu3 $aed2 $aeu2 $aed1 $aeu1 Datum Name -Nr.: Projektion E Datum Schutzvermerk nach DIN34 beachten Produktions-Nr. BENZ GmbH, Haslach, Germany $filename Gepr. $rel_at Norm $norm_by Maßstab $scale1 Name Weitergabe sowie Vervielfältigung dieser Unterlage, Verwertung und Mitteilung ihres Inhaltes nicht gestattet, soweit nicht ausdrücklich zugestanden. Zuwiderhandlung verplichtet zu Schadenersatz. Alle Rechte für den Fall der Patenterteilung oder Gebrauchsmuster-Eintragung vorbehalten....

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One year warranty on all repairs All tools pre-tested and run-in Each tool inspected and must meet performance parameters Spare parts management We can deliver original parts with high availability. Service Repair In case of a repair we will fix the damage within the shor- test possible time frame. On request we will perform a general overhaul. Preventive maintenance We maintain the proper state of your angle heads and wi gladly work on the proper maintenance during your shut- down periods. In case of an urgent problem you reach us without delay BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme Germany A company...

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BM_112010_ProductOverview_en_STD BENZ Inc. 8325 J, Arrowridge Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273 USA Phone: +1.704.529.5300 Fax: +1.704.529.5009 EIN UNTERNEHMEN DER | MEMBER OF

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