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BENZ Solidfix® Quick Change System

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BENZ Solidfix® Quick Change System The concept is simple…….really simple! You save time and you save money. We know that you have heard that before, but listen up. If you could change tools on your aggregate in less than 20 seconds, would you? Of course you would. If you didn’t have to measure the new tool length, would that save time? Of course, again! With the Solidx® System you have a common aggregate body that can have dierent outputs. Saw blade, Nut and Collet, Arbor, Weldon drill holder and Closing Plug, all are interchangeable. Now here’s the cool part; the tools always register in the body perfectly so you can have all your tool parameters stored in your tool library. When you change out the aggregate, you assign it the appropriate tool number and you are ready to go. So in less than a minute, you can change the aggregate conguration and don’t even have to take it o the machine. Save time, save money with Solidx® . Closing Plug ER 25 or 32 Weldon 10mm Arbor 30mm x 63mm 2 A 3 4 5 6 Pos.Nr. Menge Benennung 1 1 Sägeblattaufnahme 2 2 Schraube 3 1 Flansch 4 1 Zylinderschraube DIN 7984 - M12x30 Boring Bar Blank (for BENZ tooling partners only) 7 Norm oder Ausgangsteil 1.7131 1.7225 1.7131 DIN 7984 - M12x30 8 Sachmerkmal _693.040SD38*01 000Z0360620911 000Z0893021251 D07984-M120030 38 B Internal ER20 30 h6 C Kegelzapfen Solidfix® S3 nach Maßblatt 693. D xxx: Teil dauerhaft mit Zeichnungsnummer und BENZ-Kreditorennummer beschriftet A C 60 3 42 (2x Ø6) 10 Tkr. B Available on: Mono Duo Sägeblattaufnahme Ø30, Spannbereich 1,5 - 6 mm Tool connection: sawblade connection Ø30, clamping range 1,5 - 6 mm Abtriebsdrehrichtung gleich Antriebsdrehrichtung Spindle direction: same Saw Flange 30mm Allgemeintoleranzen nach DIN ISO 2768-mK-E Tolerierung DIN 7167 Schutzvermerk nach DIN34 beachten Weitergabe sowie Vervielfältigung dieser Unterlage, Verwertung und Mitteilung ihres Inhaltes nicht gestattet, soweit nicht ausdrücklich zugestanden. D Produktions-Nr. Losgröße E arbeitung: 04.08.11 1 17

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