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RKV Needle Valve - 1

Data sheet ERHARD needle valves

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RKV Needle Valve - 2

ERHARD needle valve 2 ERHARD RKV needle valves The innovative needle valve with the four positive points Based on decades of experience in the design and production of needle valves – in addition to the product features of the ERHARD needle valve –, the ERHARD RKV Premium needle valve offers four major additional advantages: • Optimised flow guidance [1] results in low zeta values thus enabling costeffective operation since the pressure loss is lower. In addition, the formation of stagnant water is reliably prevented. • The main seal up to 15 mm wide is located in the hydraulically...

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RKV Needle Valve - 3

ERHARD needle valve 3 ERHARD RKV needle valves – the dimensions table DN This table contains the dimensions of the standard products in the ERHARD needle valve range. Numerous other designs are available on request for higher pressure ratings or nominal sizes. with handwheel with electric rotary actuator (dimensions can vary [kg] Weight (approximate value, depending on the actuator manufacturer) differs depending on the design) Other actuator options available on request

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RKV Needle Valve - 4

ERHARD needle valve 4 ERHARD RKV needle valves – the overview Brief specifications: materials and finishes • Body: N 100-300 and DN 350-1200/PN 25: ductile cast iron EN-JS1050, D DN 350-1200/PN 10-16: grey cast iron EN-JL1040 • Piston guide: n strips, DN 100-150: stainless steel; DN 200-300: special o bronze, highly wear resistant; DN 350-1200 and DN 200-300/PN 40: special brass • Vaned ring: bronze • Seat ring, slotted cylinder and perforated cylinder: tainless steel s • Gaskets / seals: elastomer, KTW and W270 approval • Piston, shaft, slider crank, push rod, bolt: tainless steel s •...

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RKV Needle Valve - 5

ERHARD needle valve 5 Notes on project planning and installation 3 Installation information for the project planning Our engineers support you from the plan- 1. Standard ERHARD RKV needle valves are designed for installation in hori- ning and design through to assembly – not zontal or vertical pipes, whereby it is important to ensure that the valve is installed in the pipe according to the flow arrow cast onto the pipe. 2. Nominal size reduction is possible, as ERHARD RKV needle valves are designed according to the flow velocity. We recommend achieving the transi- least with valuable...

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RKV Needle Valve - 6

ERHARD needle valve 6 Perfect calculation made easy ζ values (K-values) or Kvs values can be used to calculate the pressure loss for installation in pipes. Special calculations are necessary for special uses (e. g. as bottom outlet, pump bypass, turbine inlet or bypass valve); our engineers would be pleased to perform these calculations for you. The Kvs value is the Kv value for a 100 % open valve, which describes the water flow rate in m3/h at a temperature of 5 to 30 °C and with a pressure loss of 1 bar. For easy calculation, ERHARD would be pleased to provide you with this practical...

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RKV Needle Valve - 7

ERHARD needle valve 7 Optimum actuators for every purpose A large number of actuator options are available, depending on the mounting position and field of application, and thanks to standardised connections, they can also be easily replaced at any time. The following actuators can be inserted directly at the end of the actuator [1]: 2. Drop weight with float control 3. Drop weight actuator, hydraulic or hydro-electric 4. Double piston part turn actuator, pneumatic or hydraulic The stem gearbox [5] can be directly combined with: 6. Handwheel 7. Square stem cap 8. Headstocks with handwheel...

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RKV Needle Valve - 8

TALIS is the undisputed Number One for water transport and water flow control. TALIS has the best solutions available in the fields of water and energy management as well as for industrial and communal applications. We have numerous products for comprehensive solutions for the whole water cycle – from hydrants, butterfly valves and knife gate valves through to needle valves. Our experience, innovative technology, global expertise and individual consultation processes form the basis for developing long-term solutions for the efficient treatment of the vitally important resource “water”....

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