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HVAC Inverter H2/H3 - 12 Pages

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HVAC Inverter H2/H3

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HVAC Inverter Easy-to-use, robust inverters dedicated to fan and pump control

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Dedicated to fans and pumps Beijer Electronics offers IP20, IP55 and IP66 inverters for HVAC, maritime and other industrial applications and sets a new cost-effective standard for dedicated fan and pump control. Ease-of-use and innovative design combined with robust performance provides powerful flow control and reliability in a compact drive. The HVAC Inverter H2 is available in the range of 0.75-160 kW with a variety of options, including for example single or three phase input, communication boards, power switch etc. The HVAC inverter H3, available from 0.75 kW to 45 kW, provides 98%...

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Energy efficient flow control from reliable, compact drives, ideal for HVAC systems Cumulative savings Noise reduction Save energy • Highly efficient operation. • Automatic optimization when load decreases. • Built-in sleep mode prevents lost energy when flow is low or zero. Quiet motor operation • High switching frequency selection (up to 32 kHz) ensures motor noise is minimized. Save money • Advanced features as standard. • Options for additional flexibility. • Built-in-PLC. Save time • Simple parameter set allows fast installation and commissioning. • PC programming and Optistick make...

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Energy efficient fan control Fire override mode Energy optimization and monitoring Fire override mode ignores signals and alarms, keeping the HVAC Inverter H2/H3 operating for as long as possible. • This feature is crucial for ensuring smoke extraction from buildings in the event of a fire. • Selectable logic means that the HVAC Inverter H2/H3 can be easily configured to the signal produced by your fire management system. • With an independently set speed for fire mode operation, selectable as either forward or reverse direction, the HVAC Inverter H2/H3 has the flexibility to match the...

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HVAC Inverter H3: > 98% drive efficiency Low input harmonic current distortion, compliant with EN61000‑3‑12 The H3 inverter is identical with H2 regarding functionality, enclosure types, etc Taking energy savings to a new level The third generation HVAC drive, HVAC Inverter H3, takes energy savings one step further. It reduces harmonic current distortion, associated with electronic equipment and traditional variable speed drives, to below 30% iTHD (total harmonic distortion). It also increase drive efficiency to >98% leading to energy efficiency and reduced life time costs. The proven...

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Energy efficient pump control Reducing energy and maintenance costs Coordinated pump station control, built into each HVAC Inverter H2/H3 as standard, allows independent control of multiple pump applications. • All drives operate at variable speed for maximum energy saving. • Equal runtime sharing across every pump. Setpoint Control Independent pump system control • Automatic system reconfiguration in the event of a pump fault (including the master pump). • Continued system operation when drives are individually powered off (including the master drive). • Communication and +24V control...

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Pump efficiency Avoid pump downtime Built-in sleep mode with auto-boost. Sleep mode saves energy by detecting when a pump is running inefficiently and producing little useful work. The HVAC Inverter H2/H3 can be programmed to enter into a sleep/disabled mode until the demand increases. To help prevent sleep mode oscillation, the inverter can automatically initiate a boost cycle to increase pressure on starting or stopping. Blockage detect/clear HVAC Inverter H2/H3 can detect pump blockages and trigger a programmed cleaning cycle to automatically clear them, preventing downtime. Drive...

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BACnet & Modbus RTU compatibility built‑in as standard OLED display Enclosure options IP66/NEMA 4 • Sizes 2 and 3 • Dust-tight and protected against high-pressure water jets • Available with or without isolator switch Installed as standard on all IP55 and IP66 models • Protected against dust and jets of water • Clear graphical display • Isolator switch as an option for size 4 and 5 • Wide viewing angle, effective in dark and light conditions • Customizable display • Multi-language selection

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Powerful PC software, BFI Tools • Drive commissioning and parameter backup • Real-time parameter editing • Drive network communication • Parameter upload, download and storage • Simple PLC function programming • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Plug-in modules Remote keypad Beijer Electronics concept HMI LIGHTING Acceleration ramp time Acceleration ramp time Acceleration ramp time Extend functionality and communication options Expansion modules: • Extended I/O • (3 × digital in, 1 × relay out) • Remote keypad and OLED display • IP55 panel mount touchsensitive operator...

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BFI-H3, 3-phase 400 VAC, IP66, EMC-filter, OLED, Mainswitch BFI-Tools PLC-licence • Motor output filter, recommended for long cable runs • Mains supply input chokes • 2 relay output option • 3 extra relay output for HVAC operation Isolator Switch Box, Size 4 Isolator Switch Box, Size 5 OLED Remote External Keypad Optistick Bluetooth communication, loading parameters RS-485 Data Cable 0,5m RS-485 Data Cable 1,0m RS-485 Data Cable 3,0m RS-485 2-port Data Cable Splitter RJ45 Termination Plug 3m cable with 9-pole D-sub and RJ-45 between TxA/B/C and BFI-H2/P2/E2 3m cable for screwterminals and...

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Input ratings Supply Control specification Supply frequency Phase imbalance Inrush current Power cycles 120  per hour maximum, evenly spaced Output power Output ratings Displacement power factor Control features Pump control Pump blockage features Stopping mode Ramp to stop : user adjustable 1 – 600 seconds coast to stop Analog signal Motorised potentiometer (Keypad) Modbus RTU BACnet Master/slave Storage : −40 to 60°C Operating : −10 to 50°C (IP20 versions) Operating : −10 to 40°C (IP55/66 versions) Up to 1000m ASL without derating Up to 2000m maximum UL approved Up to 4000m maximum (non...

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