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BoX2 series

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IEC 611 31-3 Beijer ELECTRONICS Making the complex simple

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Your data is the key to preventing down-time, mal-operation, excessive power consumption and other issues that may occur. Use this crucial information and turn it into insights, optimize operations and plan for maintenance. BoX2 solves the challenge of finding smart ways to access data and bridges the gap between the worlds of industrial automation and IT. It makes information from a deep industrial level easily accessible in a structured cloud-based data environment. BoX2 offers true industrial strength. It can operate in tough environments including electrical noise, large temperature...

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Think. What if machines in your facility could communicate effectively together in smart ways to maximize efficiency and optimize operations? Mitsubishi Electric BoX2 makes your machines - old and new - communicate efficiently, however complex the setup. BoX2 has communication drivers to all major brands of controllers on the market. This makes it easy to route key data and exchange it with the overlying systems in your facility. Optimizing operations and production speed. Protocol connectivity is supported by BoX2 base, BoX2 pro, BoX2 pro SC, BoX2 extreme, BoX2 extreme SC. Drivers for all...

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When your data is playing hide and seek Think. What if you could access crucial data hidden deep in your facility from the cloud and turn it into insights? BoX2 provides the data you need for analysis from your installed base of machines to optimize uptime and overall efficiency. BoX2 accesses data hidden in your machines via communication drivers to all major brands of controllers and transfers it through secure IoT connections to the cloud. It’s then ready to be turned into insights. We supply other smart software functions to further refine and structure data. Cloud connectivity is...

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Mobility for peace of mind a#* rnKSc. Think. What if you could keep up with the status of your plant without being tied to a work station or a production line? BoX2 is the perfect platform for HMI and dashboard applications on the go. It keeps you updated with status information and vital data from your machines presented in clear, interactive graphics. Mobile and agile, it gives you vital data on production trends, alarms and upcoming maintenance so you can take decisions and corrective measures from anywhere within your facility. Mobile HMI is supported by BoX2 base, BoX2 pro, BoX2 pro...

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Control everything from one device Think. What if you could control every aspect of your machine operation from a single device? BoX2 enables you to perform powerful local logic control. It integrates IEC 61131-3 CODESYS applications with HMI server functions, IIoT and cloud connectivity, as well as offering smart functions. So you can make killer applications including all aspects of control from one single device. Integrated CODESYS control is supported by BoX2 pro SC, BoX2 extreme SC. Integrated CODESYS control CODESYS is the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 development tool on...

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Smarter functions Fast forward engineering BoX2 connectivity can be added smart functions such as local data base storage, alarm servers, data exchange, reporting, C# scripting, etc. Smarter functions are executed locally in the BoX2 device and configured in the iX software. Create integrated HMI, control, drives and data communication solutions with WARP Engineering Studio. WARP automatically configures all hardware, software and communication in your application. What used to take days to set up, can be up and running in a few minutes. Efficient workflow Connect to all automation brands...

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BoX2 BoX2 base Cost-effective protocol converter BoX2 pro SC11 High-performance protocol converter/ IoT gateway/edge controller 1 Visit for an overview of functions/timeline of the different BoX2 models. *2 Certifications pending.

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About Beijer Electronics Beijer Electronics is a multinational cross-industry innovator of flexible solutions to control, connect and present data for business-critical applications. Our open software, hardware and IIoT solutions help customers optimize processes and create reliable secure communication, complete with leading-edge user experiences. By making the complex simple, our passion is to work together with our customers to capture the opportunities of tomorrow. Beijer Electronics is a Beijer Group company. Beijer Group has a sale over 1.2 billion SEK in 2017 and is listed on the...

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