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Automatic Circular Cold Saws for Aluminium and Non-Ferrous Metals VA-L 350 NC | VA-L 560 NC

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Perfection from tradition Perfection from tradition Perfection from tradition It is the passion for the sawing process that has been driving us as industry leaders in band saw and circular saw technology. Sawing is our world, our passion and competence. Our innovative and high-performance sawing technology along with the strong EISELE brand makes us one of the leading suppliers of complete sawing systems on the market. Our top quality saws and sawing systems are the product of our vast expertise and our solid engineering skills. Our know-how is the result of experience and communication,...

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VA-L automatic circular sawing machines VA-L automatic circular sawing machines VA-L circular sawing machines: The low-noise, high-performance choice Solid material, pipes and profiles with challenging cross-section geometries made of aluminium and nonferrous metals: high volume plus extreme quality. Features of the VA-L series Outstanding surface quality Workpieces can be fed to the next process with minimal reworking High output High sawing speeds Two feeding systems Optionally hydraulic or servo motor feed Exceptional performance Designed specifically for aluminium and NF metals, the...

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VA-L automatic circular sawing machines VA-L automatic circular sawing machines VA-L circular sawing machines: Short processes in sawing operation Two clamping systems. Two feed systems. Working perfectly in tune. For optimum quality coupled with high performance. Flexible material clamping Extruded profiles with complex geometries pose something of a challenge it terms of clamping. To prevent localized stress resulting in marks on the material, and to ensure optimum handling, the use of specially adapted shaped jaws is recommended. This is where the VA-L scores with a design equipped as...

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Loading magazines Loading magazines Customer-specific sawing systems: Loading magazines The demand for short cycle times, improved surface quality and automation places stringent demands on material handling. Make sure you make the very most of the VA-L’s performance potential: Using a material feed system configured ideally to the sawing process, you can maximize your sawing output. Our approach to maximized potential: Parallel reloading and productive time. To minimize set-up times, the next material load is positioned and automatically fed during the previous sawing process. Just like...

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Disposal devices Disposal devices Customer-specific sawing systems: Disposal devices Anyone involved in sawing needs to consider part handling too. Whether for simple discharge or for transportation to downstream machining operations: we will take care of handling and transportation of your parts wherever you need them to go. If you need space-saving and reliable solutions, we are the right port of call for any kind of discharge or sorting operation: Discharge belts with pushers, cross conveyor belts or solutions for transfer to robots. The same principle applies here too: Careful material...

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The BEHRINGER EISELE Product Range Up stroking miter circular cold saws PSU Fully-automatic Aluminum-cutting circular cold saw VA-L Fully-automatic steel-cutting circular cold saw HCS Loading magazines, disposal devices and material handling systems Complete sawing systems – overall concepts Integration into existing processes Subject to technical changes. BE2213L01gb Vertical circular cold saws VMS

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