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The Gear Motor Academy Drive engineering Introduction of the current Danfoss Bauer geared motor range and dimensioning of the service factor during gearbox selection Impact of radial forces on the dimensioning of geared motors of the IP - Enclosures Basics for the calculation and selection of geared motors Selection of geared motors for frequency inverter duty • Introduction to technical mechanics and physics formula • Derivation of drive • Calculation of differing machines (Controlled drives, Non-controlled drives, Travel drives, Hoists, Chain conveyors, Roller conveyors, Turntable, Belt conveyors) All Customer Service phone numbers shown in bold Couplings Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes Heavy Duty Clutches and Brakes Ameridrives Couplings Warner Electric Wichita Clutch Bauer Gear Motor GmbH Mill Spindles, Ameriex, Ameridisc Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes Pneumatic Clutches and Brakes Gear Couplings Design and functionality of 3 phase, Pole changing, DC, Synchronous and Servo motors Design and functionality of frequency inverters and their control Difference between mains and inverter duty Industry sector solutions from Danfoss Bauer (ATEX, Aseptic, Monorail, BasicMetal) to the geared motors) Industry sectors and their design (Ambient conditions, Service factors, • Explosion protection in general • EC-Guidelines 94/9/EG and 1999/92/EG • Explosion protection types for gas explosion protection according to EN 60079 and dust explosion protection according to EN 61241 • Selection of motors, gearboxes and extras • What has to be observed regarding gearbox service factors • Notes on service and maintenance of Danfoss Bauer geared motors • • • • • • Professional disassembly and assembly of gearbox, motor, brake and backstop Composition of Danfoss Bauer brakes Mounting position and speed change Lubricant quantities Service and maintenance - procedures Spare part and repair logistics Disc, Gear, Grid Couplings, Overload Clutches Dewsbury, England +44 (0) 1924 460801 Boksburg, South Africa +27 11 918 4270 TB Wood’s Elastomeric Couplings Chambersburg, PA - USA 1-888-829-6637– Press #5 For application assistance: 1-888-829-6637 – Press #7 General Purpose Disc Couplings San Marcos, TX - USA 1-888-449-9439 Ameridrives Power Transmission Precision Electric Coils and Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes Caliper Brakes and Thrusters Industrial Clutch Matrix International Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes, Pressure Operated Clutches and Brakes Brechin, Scotland +44 (0) 1356 602000 New Hartford, CT - USA 1-800-825-6544 Inertia Dynamics Spring Set Brakes; Power On and Wrap Spring Clutch/Brakes Pneumatic and Oil Immersed Clutches and Brakes Boston Gear Enclosed and Open Gearing, Electrical and Mechanical P.T. Components Charlotte, NC - USA 1-800-825-6544 For application assistance: 1-800-816-5608 Bauer Gear Motor • Maintenance plays an ever increasing role in the total costing structure of a company. For this reason the Hygiene Symposium concentrates on the following topics: • Total Productive Maintenance: Increasing Productivity through Maintenance • So cheap doesn’t become expensive: Optimising the total costs for maintenance of machines and plants • Effect of lubrication on geared motors • Globalisation of Service – a Challenge? Bauer Gear Motor Bauer Gear Motor s.r.o CANADA Regulation CSA Efficiency Class NEMA Premium (cf. IE3) Start Date January 2011 Bauer Gear Motor Limited MEXICO Regulation NOM 016 Efficiency Class MEPS Start Date since 2004 Nat Lane Business Park Winsford, Cheshire CW7 3BS - United Kingdom +44 1606 868600 +44 1606 868603 (Fax) BRASIL Regulation NBR 17094 Efficiency Class Alto Redimento (cf. IE2) Start Date December 2009 Formsprag Clutch Overrunning Clutches and Holdbacks Nuttall Gear and Delroyd Worm Gear Worm Gear and Helical Speed Reducers For application assistance: 1-800-348-0881 – Press #2 KOREA* Regulation KS C 4202 Efficiency Class EFF1 Start Date January 2010 AUSTRALIA Regulation AS/NZS 1359.5 Efficiency Class MEPS Start Date since 2006 * Direct sales to end users is allowed. A re-sale within the country to a third party is only allowed when the minimum e ciency level IE2 is fullled. Every trader, partner or customer must register the motors under their respective name. EUROPE EUROPE Regulation Regulation Efficiency Class Efficiency Class Start Date Start Date Bauer Gear Motor Finland Oy Ab Overrunning Clutches CHINA Regulation GB 18613 Efficiency Class Grade 2 Start Date June 2011 Geared Motors Universal Joints, Drive Shafts, Mill Gear Couplings RUSSIA Regulation GOST R Efficiency Class n.A. Start Date n.A. USA Regulation NEMA-EISAct Efficiency Class NEMA Premium (cf. IE3) Start Date December 2010 Ef ency requirements are valid for geared motors and solo motors requirements are valid only for solo motors Precision Couplings and Air Motors Hertford, England +44 (0) 1992 501900 Chambersburg, PA - USA 1-800-829-6637 Linear Products Warner Linear Linear Actuators Belvidere, IL - USA 1-800-825-6544 For application assistance: 1-800-825-9050 Marland Clutch Roller Ramp and Sprag Type Overrunning Clutches and Backstops Exceptions to regulation (EC) no. 640/2009/EC of 22 July 2009: Belted Drives and Sheaves Belted Drives Stieber Clutch For application assistance: 1-888-829-6637 – Press #7 Overrunning Clutches and Holdbacks • The environmental handling of energy and other resources is becoming more and more important. For this reason the Energy Symposium concentrates on the following topics: • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Considering Total Costs in Drive Technology • and Standards - Using the possible savings through consistent implementation of the new regulations increase by means of correct selection • Motor Technologies • Power Electronics and the World of the Revolutionary Motor • The continually growing requirements on the food & beverage industry result in higher hygiene and process safety. For this reason the Hygiene Symposium concentrates on the following topics: • Hygiene requirements on production plants in the food & beverage industry • General explanations to the new guidelines for the food & beverage industry • Inactivation of suspended microorganisms and on surfaces • Why paint coatings and not always stainless steel for surfaces? Wichita Falls, TX - USA 1-800-964-3262 Bedford, England +44 (0) 1234 350311 Huco Dynatork Altra Industrial Motion Engineered Bearing Assemblies Kilian Manufacturing Engineered Bearing Assemblies 31 Schoolhouse Road Somerset, NJ 08873 - USA Phone: 732-469-8770 Fax: 732-469-8773

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