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Level Probe BLP1 - 1

The level probe BLP1 was designed for severe conditions, especially for navigation or offshore applications. Due to the housing material CuNiFe, a special copper-nickel alloy, in combination with several mounting types, the BLP1 can be used with all media occurring in the field of navigation, and with various tank, container and basin configurations. Features ► Accuracy acc. to IEC 60770 0.25% / 0.35% FSO ► Level probe made of CuNiFe alloy (1.4404 on request) ► Excellent seawater resistance ► Installation in tank as submersible probe with cable, with stainless steel pipe or with mounting bracket ► Installation outside the tank by means of threaded connection and optionally with adapter flange DN25 or DN40 ► Due to flush measuring diaphragm even suitable for high viscosity media (removable protection cap) ► Low temperature error, long-term stability ► High resistance to electrical faults (incorrect wiring, short circuit and overvoltage) ► Rugged and reliable ► Option: II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4 Applications Ballast containers Fuel and oil tanks Service and waste water tanks Draft measuring systems Tank level measuring systems Subject to technical changes.

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Level Probe BLP1 - 2

2l Subject to technical changes. Barksdale®

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Level Probe BLP1 - 3

Submersible version Screw-in version Flange version Adapter flanges of stainless steel (accessory) Installation with mounting clamp Mounting flange DN25 for submersible probe i_i Subject to technical changes.

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Level Probe BLP1 - 4

Subject to technical changes.

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