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Electronic Pressure Switch W Universal • Smart • Easy @ Switch to BPS3000 -Now with IO-Link ► Industry 4.0 ready through IO-Link interface Continuous communication from the control room to the sensor Bi-directional data transfer during operation Plug & play ability Automatic device identification Remote parameter setting ► High EMI protection ► IP65 & IP67 enclosure rating ► Different measuring ranges: -1 bar to 600 bar ► Rotatable display and housing Barksdale CONTROL PRODUCTS Barksdale, Inc./Barksdale GmbH A Subsidiary of Crane Co.

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BPS3000 IO-Link A new standard for digital communication IO-Link is the final step that bridges digital communication down to the sensor level, and is integral to Industry 4.0. This allows bi-directional communication for sensors and actuators on all common fieldbus networks. By providing user-friendly capabilities, such as remote parameterization and plug & play-ability into existing fieldbus networks, IO-Link opens up new possibilities in factory automation. PC Ethernet Analog data transfer (4 to 20 mA) IO-Link Master Digital, bi-directional data transfer Switching (0 or 1) Cost reduction...

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//jc- ® I0'Link® Universal • Smart • Easy Reliable Backwards compatibility IO-Link-capable sensors automatically detect the absence of a master and switch independently into the Standard Input Output mode - the device behaves like a classic electronic switch. Likewise, non lO-link switches can use binary data to transmit switching functions to the field bus network. Serial, bi-directional, point-to-point connection for signal transmission and 24 V power supply. Reliable data transfer The digital transmission from the sensor to the PLC prevents the loss of accuracy by multiple AD/DA...

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The future is digital In addition to the BPS3000, further product lines for temperature and differential pressure are in preparation with IO-Link technology.

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Electr. Dual Pressure Switch Features ► Measuring ranges: 0...0.2 bar to 0...600 bar gauge ► max. 2 switch points ► Analogue output 4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 V ► Rotatable 320° display & electrical connection ► Menu navigation refers to VDMA standard ► IO-Link communication interface Applications ► Pressure control for: • Hydraulics & Pneumatics • Lubrication system • Cooling Sensor element: Switching frequency: * In the pressure inlet a damping screw made of brass is mounted. This screw can be removed of required, e.g. in case of soiled medium or material incompatibility, using a slotted screw...

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Electronic Pressure Switch BPS3000 - 6

Process connection lectrical Connection www.barksdale.com ■ Subject to technical changes

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Electr. Dual Pressure Switch Order Code BPS3000 BPS3 Base Model Sensor Blank Standard ceramic sensor Special designs on request www.barksdale.com ■ Subject to technical changes 7

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Barksdale India (Sales Center) Crane Process Flow Technologies (India) Ltd Solitaire, 6th Floor, S. No. 131/1 + 2, ITI Road Aundh, Pune - 41107 India Tel.: + 91 20 71207162 Fax: + 91 20 71207177 sales@barksdale.in www.barksdale.in Specifications ae subject to modification at any time 923-2747, Index: --- BarksdaleCONTROL PRODUCTS I ORANF Barksdale, Inc./Barksdale GmbH ornn c. A Subsidiary of Crane Co.

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