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Solutions for Barcode Reading

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Barcode Reading Basics A barcode is a visual expression of data designed specifically to be read by machines. They store information such as model number, serial number, or product history. Barcodes are used across industries to track products throughout the entire supply chain. The “traditional” barcode, 1D or linear, is made up of parallel black lines and white spaces of various widths. Product data is stored within the black bars and white spaces. 1D barcodes have a long history in many industries. Common 1D Barcodes & Industries that Utilize Them INTERLEAVED 2 of 5 Material Handling 2D...

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Solutions for Barcode Reading - 3

Barcode Reading in Factory Automation Track and Trace Barcodes are used to track packaged products through the entire supply chain. They contain important product information that must be verified at multiple points on the line. In the event of a recall, barcodes can be used to quickly identify affected products. DPM Code Reading Direct Part Marks (DPM) are barcodes that are etched or printed directly onto the surface of a part instead of affixed by a label. The benefit of these codes is that they cannot be easily removed, obscured, or damaged so they last as long as the part itself....

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Solutions for Barcode Reading - 4

Choosing a Barcode Reader Start with the ABR 3000 • Ultra compact housing • Problem solving features • Multiple models to choose from If the following are needed: • implified touchscreen for S programming and monitoring If the following are needed: • Autofocus availability • ariety of integrated LED light V options available • onger range or larger L field of view • nterchangeable lenses, I including C-mount • ifficult DPM barcode D reading • igher resolution, up to 5MP H • Faster barcode reading • Master/slave functionality • ongest range or largest L field-of-view • Faster barcode reading...

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Solutions for Barcode Reading - 5

Factory installed, fully adjustable manual focus Factory Installed, fully adjustable manual focus or autofocus Interchangeable microvideo C-mount Maximum Resolution Maximum Acquisition Speed Maximum Reading Distance (mm) Field of View (mm) at Maximum Reading Distance Maximum Decode Rate* Maximum Reading Distance (mm) Field of View (mm) at Maximum Reading Distance Maximum Decode Rate* 2D Performance (Data Matrix - 20 mil) Lens Options External Only Special Features Polarized, Advanced DPM, Master/Slave Built-in Display Vision Inspection Communication Type USB 2.0, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP,...

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Solutions for Barcode Reading - 6

ABR 3000 Series Ultracompact Design, Powerful Capabilities • Powerful decoding capability to read even difficult 1D and 2D codes • Ultra-compact metal housing for industrial environments • Quick configuration with push buttons or software interface • vailable in multiple resolutions and with USB or Ethernet communications A • ntegrated LED lighting and easy focus adjustment in one package for maximum I application flexibility • Green "good-read" feedback spotlight and beeper for easy monitoring • Embedded webserver interface for monitoring images and statistics over any network Resolution/...

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Solutions for Barcode Reading - 7

Tracking Products through Packaging Challenges • nconsistent quality of barcodes printed on glossy, shiny, or reflective I packaging material • ultiple product labels with barcodes printed in M different orientations • Limited space available to deploy barcode reader Solution • olarized ABR 3000 with robust decoding capability to read P damaged, deformed, and overprinted codes on reflective surfaces • Ability to read multiple 1D or 2D codes in any orientation • Complete, all-in-one solution in an ultra-compact housing Reliable Detection of Small 2D Codes on Vials Challenges • D codes store...

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Solutions for Barcode Reading - 8

ABR 7000 Series Power and Versatility to Solve Any Application • Reliably reads the most difficult 1D and 2D barcodes • Compact, all-in-one solution for industrial environments • igh-resolution imager and fast processing time to solve tough applications H • Autofocus available for faster setup and product line changes • uperior integrated lighting for long-range use, low-contrast codes, and direct part S marking (DPM) applications Series Family Resolution Front Window Communication Code Type Type 2 Minimum Module Width (mils) †† S = Standard† D = Diffused†† P = Polarized†† * Liquid lens...

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Solutions for Barcode Reading - 9

Packages of Varying Height with Multiple 1D and 2D Barcodes Challenges • Multiple 1D and 2D barcodes printed on each label • arcode position and orientation varies with the location of each B package on the conveyor • Box height varies with each line changeover Solution • ABR 7000 capable of reading multiple 1D and 2D barcodes in a single inspection • Wide field-of-view enables inspections over a large area • utofocus lens easily adapt to changes in box size when the line A changes over Small DPM Codes on Electronic Components Challenges • 2D codes are directly marked on electronic...

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Solutions for Barcode Reading - 10

iVu BCR Series Powerful 1D and 2D Barcode Readers • Touchscreen for the simplest on the fly programming and monitoring • Reads multiple 1D and 2D barcodes in any orientation with one device • Multiple integrated light options for maximum contrast • Interchangeable lenses for ultimate application flexibility • Rugged IP67 housing for factory environments • Also available in grayscale and color vision inspection models Sensor Type Ring Light Color B = Barcode G = Grayscale C = Color† 9 = UV395 XC = C-mount** X = No Ring Light 04 = 4.3 06 = 6 08 = 8 12 = 12 16 = 16 25 = 25 Blank = o lens N...

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Barcode Reading in Robotic Cell Challenge •Reading barcodes on boxes placed by a robot that vary in position • roduct changeover requires frequent updates to barcode reader P settings • o access to adjust settings on the reader within the work cell due N to safety concerns • obots in work cells should not be interrupted to maintain the R highest possible throughput Solution • Vu BCR with remote display compatibility is mounted within the i work cell • he remote display is mounted 16 m away from the iVu BCR, T allowing for changes to settings and programs without entering the work cell •...

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