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Material Handling Solutions

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The Material Handling Market Is Evolving, Fast With the continuing shift to eCommerce and globalization, the demand for logistics, distribution, and fulfillment has never been greater. Manufacturers of material handling equipment must find innovative ways to move goods more reliably, accurately, and faster. Banner Engineering partners with companies to meet these challenges. As a leading automation manufacturer for material handling companies, we offer market and customer-specific products that increase productivity, enhance safety, and drive efficiency. Transition to a Smart, Connected...

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Loading Docks Dock Status/Availability Truck Detection Trailer Illumination Dock Door Position • ealed housings resist outdoor elements S like rain and snow • ultiple output types simplify integration M with systems • urable construction improves D reliability in harsh environments • ireless technology makes installation W fast and easy • owerful sensing technology withstands P dust buildup and improves reliablility • roducts: K70 Wireless, Direct Select P • asy-to-see LED indication provides E daylight visiblity • obust, long-range radar technology senses R in tough outdoor conditions •...

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Material Handling Solutions - 4

Conveyors Control and Indication Leading Edge Detection • ultiple sensor designs to fit any M conveyor Machine Status Indication Predictive Maintenance • urable capacitive touch buttons withstand D harsh conditions • right LED indication notifies workers of B machine status • arious technologies to detect V everything from boxes to pallets • rogrammable models allow for more unique P custom animations • educe unplanned downtime by scheduling maintenance R • ndustry-standard M12 connector makes I installation easy • Products: K30, K50, S22, SSA-Series E-stop Reliably detect leading edges...

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Material Handling Solutions - 5

Work Stations Andon Lights Overhead Lighting Barcode Reading • right LED lights notify managers from long distances away B • eliable LED lighting improves operator visibility R • asy-to-see lights improve operator speed and accuracy E • omplete plug-and-play solution simplifies installation C • ariety of lengths, colors, brackets, and power input V options adapt to any workstation • Available with built-in sensors to reduce mispicks • eliable detection of 1D and 2D barcodes improves R productivity • ariety of models provide flexibility based on detection V range, barcode type, and...

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Measurement Sensors • Various range, output, and accuracy options fit any application • Durable housings withstand tough environments • Products: Q4X, Q5X, LM, LE, T30UX, T30R Personnel Detection • Robust light curtains withstand impacts • Various length, resolution, and mounting options simplify installation • Products: LS, SLC4 Machine Status Indication • Bright LED lights improve machine-to-human communication • Numerous form factors simplify machine design and installation AGV Status/Signaling • Programmable LED lights provide turn-signal and machine status to operators •...

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Material Handling Solutions - 7

Storage and Retrieval Package Dimensioning Machine Status Indication Crane Position Sensing Personnel Detection • ast and accurate sensors measure goods moving F down a conveyor • right LED lights improve machine-to-human B communication • ong-range sensors provide accurate feedback on L machine position • Robust safety light curtains withstand impacts • arious models adapt to any mounting requirements V • umerous form factors simplify machine design N and installation • asic photoelectric sensors detect when pallets are B in position • Products: EZ-ARRAY, MINI-ARRAY, Q5X, VE Smart Camera •...

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Sortation Package Detection Product Position on Belt Sorter Sorter Divert Sensing Bin Level Measurement and Indication • recision sensors accurately measure goods for P proper routing • asy-to-use sensors determine if goods are located E properly on sorters • imple photoelectric sensors determine if goods were S diverted down the correct chute or if a jam is present • obust laser, ultrasonic, and radar technologies R accurately measure bin level • arious sensor technologies and form factors adapt to V any machine design • ultiple signal types ranging from discrete, analog to x/y M...

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Material Handling Solutions - 9

Who Is Banner? Every 3.5 seconds, a Banner sensor is installed somewhere in the world. Banner solves problems for most of the manufacturing companies in the Fortune 500, as well as the startups changing industry with leading-edge production. Banner technology supports manufacturing of the cars you drive, the food you eat, the medicine you take, and virtually every product in your daily life. Whatever the industry, Banner offers solutions to automate production, improve efficiency, and manufacture to the highest standard of quality. Manufacturing Specialists With over 30,000 products, Banner...

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