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Lighting & Indication

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xLED Task Lights Tower Lights Touch Buttons and Pick-to-Light

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 4

Light Up the Visual Factory Enhance your Visual Management Efforts with Banner’s Lighting and Indicators. Sensor Emulation Illuminate the Work Area with LED Lighting page 13 - Boost Worker Productivity - Improve Product Quality - Reduce Energy Costs Electrical Panel Lighting Machine Lighting Workstation Lighting Visual Inspection Station

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 5

Process Status Parts Loading Dock/Bay Communication pages 45, 63 - Empower Operators - Alert Supervisors - Accelerate Resolution Increase Efficiency with Light-Guided Part Picking page 97 - Reduce Cycle Time - Error-proof Assembly - Streamline Training Pick-to-Light for Assembly and Kitting Pick-to-Light for Warehouse and Logistics

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 6

Increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce costs with Banner’s industrial LED lighting products. Banner has a suitable model for the harshest environments – even chemical, extreme temperature and washdown areas. Boost Productivity – Proper light levels increase the speed and accuracy of visual task performance, reducing assembly times and increasing output. Enhance Inspection – White, colored and multicolored options in different form factors allow for control of color, intensity and angle, improving detection of part defects during assembly and inspection. Reduce Costs –...

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 7

Lights to Follow Increase Efficiency Highly visible indicators with real-time feedback provide guidance and status information for assembly and kitting applications. Accelerate Processes – Colored indicators guide operators quickly to the correct part location and accelerate training procedures. Improve Quality – Integrated feedback drives increased operator accuracy and provides quality control metrics. Save Time – Varied hardware solutions and mounting options are easily installed and updated.

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 8

Give Equipment a Voice Machine status indicators with clear on and off states provide improved communication across the manufacturing floor. Wireless options simplify installation, facilitate remote monitoring and data collection, and allow for rapid status communication in and out of the plant. Reduce Downtime – Immediate attention to problems as they occur reduces downtime, improves quality and reduces safety issues. Speed Recognition – Status is conveyed through color, position, text, symbols or audible alarm. No time is lost deciphering the information. Speak Globally – Products are...

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 9

Operators and supervisors with clear information when and where they need it react quickly and correctly, resulting in efficient problem resolution. Long term gains in overall equipment effectiveness follow from continued monitoring and data analysis. Empower Operators – Illuminated indicators, touch buttons and E-stops show status clearly, giving workers the ability to act quickly and confidently when problems occur. Alert Supervisors – Tower lights, indicators and advanced lights communicate machine, work cell and inventory status, helping supervisors identify and resolve issues...

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 10

Trends Illumination + Indication Multiply the value of your device - adding indication to illumination unlocks countless new applications. EZ-STATUS models are bright and versatile. Supply Chain Simplification Standardizing on a single, flexible model simplifies ordering and spare parts without sacrificing functionality. Cascadeable lights Multiple colors in one unit with flexible I/O configuratuion Customization Work with Banner on a variety of modifications to get exactly the solution you need. Light sections can be permanently laser marked with custom text or images Variety of audible...

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 11

IO-Link Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet What is IO-Link? IO-Link (IEC61131-9) is an open standard serial communication protocol that allows for the bi-directional exchange of data from sensors and devices that support IO-Link and are connected to a master. The IO-Link master can transmit this data over various networks, fieldbuses, or backplane buses, making the data accessible for immediate action or long-term analysis via an industrial information system (PLC, HMI, etc.). Each IO-Link sensor has an IODD (IO Device Description) file that describes the device and its IO-Link capabilities. 5...

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 12

Wireless Monitoring and Status Indication Wireless monitoring and indication products from Banner Engineering can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and provide data to optimize your operation. Banner's wireless products eliminate expensive cable runs, are easy to install and set up, and can integrate machines that were not previously network capable. Supervisor Station Environmental Monitoring Condition Monitoring ’""■’’■■■’■■••••^Machine Monitoring— Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Status Indication

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 13

IOT Extended connectivity to smart devices via Ethernet or GSM/Cellular Wireless TL70 Tower Light A bright 70 mm tower light with wireless networking provides local and remote status information and has inputs for process monitoring. page 48 Wireless K70 Touch Button The K70 touch button is an ergonomic solid state switch with integrated multicolor indication functions. Bidirectional wireless communication provides a simple operator interface for pick-to-light, call button, and general industrial applications. page 108 Wireless K70 Indicator Bright, multicolor K70 indicators offer status...

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 15

LED Lighting Banner Engineering's industrial LED lighting products are high-quality and energy-efficient lights that provide bright illumination for up to 50,000 hours. Robust, vibration-resistant housings and sleek designs make Banner Engineering's LED lighting ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including machine lighting, enclosure lighting, visual inspection illumination and work cell lighting.

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 16

Selection Guide Family Name Dual/Multi Color Options Color Options

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Lighting and Indication Catalog - 18

WLS28-2 LED Strip Lights • Compact, space-saving design • Rugged, water-resistant IP69K option • Available in 8 lengths from 145 to 1130 mm • Lensed models or choice of clear or diffuse window • Cascade models for connecting multiple lights end-to-end, minimizing wiring • UV 365 nm and 395 nm wavelength models available for UV fluorescent and non-fluorescent applications • High/Lo/Off switch and non-switch models available • Low power consumption less than 9 watts per foot • Optional snap clips for easy installation and repositioning • Automatic temperature protection built into the unit....

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