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Solutions for Leading Edge Detection

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What is Leading Edge Detection? What is Leading Edge Detection? On equipment that moves a product, container, or package, sensors are used to detect the movement or presence of these items to make critical decisions. Specifically, these applications rely on detecting the leading edge of the item as quickly and as accurately as possible. Challenges of Leading Edge Detection Types of Containers/Packaging Trends in packaging have migrated from boxes to more challenging targets. Polybags, Blister packs, envelopes, totes, and tubes are all commonly transported on conveyor lines and can have...

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Single-Point Leading Edge Detection Small and Flat Object Leading Edge Detection Wide-Beam Leading Edge Detection Through the Roller Leading Edge Detection Robust Array Leading Edge Detection

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Choosing a Banner Sensor Choosing the right sensor can reduce errors caused by product jamming, overlapping, side-by side, and irregular shaped packages. Single-Point Leading Edge Detection Small and Flat Object Leading Edge Detection Wide-Beam Leading Edge Detection Cost-effective yet powerful, these compact sensors detect boxes, totes, and many other objects. Short response time and large detection area creates an accurate solution for very small or flat objects. Wide sensing beam detects items like pallets, polybags, or other irregularly shaped objects.

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Through the Roller Leading Edge Detection Robust Array Leading Edge Detection An improved solution for roller conveyors, this sensor mounts easily between rollers, detecting a variety of objects. Heavy-duty sensor bar suitable for tough environments such as sorter chutes and roller conveyors.

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Single-Point Leading Edge Detection • Lowest cost solution • Sufficient for many targets • Used on conveyors with rails on the sides • obust sensing solution that only requires R power on one side of the conveyor • olarization assures reliable detection of highly P reflectiv

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Polarized Retroreflective Sensors • Polarization assures reliable detection of highly reflective objects • Fast response speed, less than 1 ms, for excellent sensing repeatability • Features bright LED operating status indicators visible from 360° QS18 All-Purpose Photoelectric Sensor • Universal housing design with 18 mm threaded lens makes an ideal replacement for hundreds of other sensor styles Models QS18VN6LPQ8 QS18VP6LPQ8 Sensing Mode Sensing Range * Integral QD connector listed. Cabled and other models available on our website. Q20 Industry Standard Global Housing • Rectangular...

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Small or Flat Leading Edge Detection • rosshatch beam pattern detects very C small or flat packages • Durable housing design resists damage H • igh-speed, response time as fast as 0.8 millise

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L X Small and Flat Object Detection Sensor • Large detection area to provide consistent detection of packages where the leading edge varies • Generates a cross hatched beam pattern that can detect an object as thin as 1 mm, depending on the width R • esponse speeds as fast as 0.8 ms allows automated systems to operate at higher line speeds resulting in increased throughput Response Time Sensing Array Length 0.8 ms ON-time 6 ms OFF-time (5 ms OFF-delay) 1.6 ms ON-time 7 ms OFF-time (5 ms OFF-delay) 2.4 ms ON-time 7.5 ms OFF-time (5 ms OFF-delay) 3.2 ms ON-time 8.5 ms OFF-time (5 ms...

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Wide-Beam Leading Edge Detection • Detects irregular-shaped objects • etroreflective sensor, only requires wiring on R one s

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Q76E Wide Beam Retroreflective Sensor • Wide beam retroreflective sensor for reliable leading edge detection of irregular shaped objects or pallets • Visible red beam for simple alignment and bright LEDs for visual indication • Up to 4 meter range for mounting flexibility • wo sensitivity levels for detection of challenging targets such as shrink wrapped pallets, small objects and film T or perforated packaging • Easy set-up, adjustment and LO/DO selectable via single push button • 250 Hz switching frequency for high speed production lines • IP67- and IP69-rated for washdown applications...

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Through-the-Roller Leading Edge Detection • esigned for roller conveyors without sides for D mounting sensors • etects irregularly shaped items D • Large items can knock sensors off sides of conv

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TTR Through The Roller Sensor • eliable leading-edge detection of letters, thin packages, poly bags, totes, boxes or other product R on roller conveyors • ounts between conveyor roller gap to standard hex or round side rail holes with no extra hardware M required or on the T-Slot with customer supplied bracket and hardware • pring loaded end caps reduce installation and alignment time for reduced labor costs S • uilt to order with specified length and beam spacing: 200 to 964 mm B (8 to 38 inches) with 2 to 7 sensors for maximum flexibility • obust aluminum housing, ambient light and ESD...

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Robust Array Leading Edge Detection • Heavy-duty design protects from impact • Ideal for detecting items moving down a chute • iffuse and Retroreflective modes available to D accommodate a variety of applications • Longer sensing range than TTR

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SAB Sensor Array Bar • ustomizable Sensor Array Bar Different lengths and number of sensors C — • obust aluminum housing protects array bars from challenging environments R • ne M12 connector powers the entire array bar and consolidates all outputs into one O • olarized retroreflective, long-range diffuse, or standard diffuse array bars are available P • IEC rating of IP50 • Solid-state bipolar outputs (NPN and PNP) Supply Current Sensing Mode Output Dark Operate, Bipolar 1 m (39 in) when using a BRT-THG-2 reflector tape as a target 3 m (118 in) when using 5 side-byside BRT-92×92C...

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Who is Banner? Every 3.5 seconds, a Banner sensor is installed somewhere in the world. Banner solves problems for most of the manufacturing companies in the Fortune 500, as well as the startups changing industry with leading-edge production. Banner technology supports manufacturing of the cars you drive, the food you eat, the medicine you take and virtually every product in your daily life. Whatever the industry, Banner offers solutions to automate production, improve efficiency and manufacture to the highest standard of quality. Manufacturing Specialists With over 30,000 products, Banner...

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