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Lighting & Indicators Machine Safety

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Who is Banner Every day, thousands of times a day, in locations all around the world, products from Banner Engineering are used to solve challenging problems and achieve automation goals. We’re proud of that fact. Founded by Bob Fayfield in 1966, Banner Engineering began as a small engineering firm known for solving problems. Customers came to us for smart, well-built products, custom solutions, and personal, attentive service. With each success we increased our technical capabilities and manufacturing capacities, grew in staff and industry expertise, strengthened our relationships with...

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Sensorspage 23 Photoelectric 30 Featured 30 Visionpage 340 Vision Sensors 342 Smart Cameras 348 Vision Controllers 358 iVu 342 VE 350 PresencePLUS Pro II 358 Lighting & Indicators page 380 Wirelesspage 503 Machine Safety page 544 Accessories page 720 Simple Wire Replacement 504 Wireless Sensors 512 Ethernet Data Radio Light Screens EZ-SCREEN SLS EZ-SCREEN LS EZ-SCREEN LP EZ-SCREEN Grid & Points EZ-SCREEN Type 2 Emergency Stop and Stop Control 620 More information online at bannerengineering.com

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Safety Modules E-Stop Guard Universal Safety Mat Monitoring Muting Safe Speed Interface Relay Extension Relay

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roducts Q4X Series Versatile, Rugged, Laser Measurement Sensor • Save time and money with the Q4X Series which is ready to measure right out of the box • A simple user experience from installation to setup - Bright spot for easy alignment - Three push buttons simplify setup - Intuitive menus • Four-digit display shows distance to target in mm • FDA-grade stainless steel is suitable for IP69K washdown environments See page 34 More information online at bannerenaineerina.com

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12 m Range Time-of-Flight Laser Sensor • A powerful distance measuring sensor with advanced functions including: - Remote teach - High excess gain for seeing really dark targets - Laser power control for accurately measuring shiny targets - Laser inhibit - Cross-talk avoidance - Fast response speed - Delay timers • Sensing range of 50 to 12,000 mm • Durable metal housing rated IP67 • Superior resistance to ambient light sources See page 204

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roducts QS18 Clear Object Detection Coaxial Clear Object Detection • Save time and simplify setup with a pushbutton teach or potentiometer • 18 mm threads or side mount holes for easy installation • Small LED spot size for tight installations • Detect from the object to the face of the sensor with no blind spot See page 40 LE Series Laser Measurement Sensor • Ready to measure right out of the box • Easy alignment with a visible laser • Multiple teach options simplifies setup for any application • Convienient setup with a two-line, eight-character display See page 206

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• Simple push button Teach • Rocker switch for manual adjustment • Easy-to-read display shows both the current signal strength and switching threshhold • DF-G1: Expert teach and set methods ensure optimal gain and threshold • DF-G2: Ideal for short duration events with 10 ps response speed • DF-G3: Ideal for long range sensing, low contrast and precise positioning See page 162 Vantage Fibers Advanced Fiber Optic Amplifiers Plastic fibers are typically used for more general purpose applications where they can tolerate extreme bending and be cut to length to fit in limited space setups. See...

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New Products WLS27 Series Industrial LED Light Bar • Rugged, water-resistant IP66, IP67 and IP69K design • Cascade models for connecting multiple lights end-to-end, minimizing wiring • Energy efficient for overall cost savings • Optional snap clips for easy installation and repositioning • Ability to adjust the lights to Hi/Lo/Off • Automatic temperature protection built into the unit protects the life of the product • Eight different lengths and dual-color models available More information online at bannerengi

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• Increase worker productivity and ergonomics with bright, high-quality, uniform light • Durable light stands up to difficult environments with a rugged metal housing and shatterproof light cover • Energy efficient for overall cost savings • Easy installation with a variety of mounting brackets: surface, swivel, snap and hanging • All models include built in dimmable control • AC models are DLC qualified with a five year warranty • Six color options available See page 442

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New Products DXM Series Industrial Wireless Controller • ontrol wireless networks, consolidate networks, C create a network backbone • Programmable to solve specific applications • Ethernet and cellular connectivity • Send alert messages • Create local logs • Relay register data to the cloud More information online at bannerengine

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Wireless Vibration Monitoring • Predictive maintenance made easy by high accuracy vibration (RMS velocity) and temperature measurements • Easily monitor machine health by sending information wirelessly • Detect problems earlier to avoid machine failures and delays • Manufactured with a robust zinc alloy housing See page 516 Wireless Ultrasonic Monitoring • Provides a distance measurement from the target to the sensor • Monitor wirelessly to avoid long cable runs • Built-in temperature compensation for reliable measurement • Sensing range from 300 mm to 3 m • Threaded housing for easy...

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New Products VE Series Compact, Durable, Versatile Smart Camera • wo-line, eight-character display and push buttons enable T troubleshooting and camera status - Perform product change or trigger - Change or view IP address, MAC address or speed - View firmware, focus number or status • Robust, aluminum housing for harsh environments • Ethernet connector with GigE transfer capability • C-mount lens to suit a variety of applications • Optional lens cover provides an IP67-rated solution More information online at bannerengineer

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