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SYSTEM FOR LASER PULLEY ALIGNMENT AND FLATNESS MEASUREMENT 1)A plane is defined by three points (by the magnetic marks of BALTECH PA-4000 or by two concurrent straight lines). 2) If two planes have three points in common that do not lie on a straight line, then they are coincident. 3) If each of two planes is parallel to a third plane, then the two planes are parallel to each other. BALTECH PA-4000 FEATURES - Easy to use ‐ One operator can operate the system - High accuracy on large distances - Use of the magnetic marks for optical flatness measurement of foundations and guides - Low cost in comparison with similar systems APPLICATION The system is designed to perform laser alignment of pulleys of belt and chain drives, as well as optical flatness measurement of foundations and guides. The system allows reducing time required for alignment works, increasing lifetime of belts, bearings and other machines as well as reducing a noise and vibration level. The main advantages: the alignment accuracy doesn't depend on the transmitter calibration; maximum distance is up to 50 m, diameter and thickness of pulleys is not important. DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION PRINCIPLE base centerline The laser system for alignment of belt and chain drives allows easily detecting any misalignment type: angular vertical misalignment, angular horizontal misalignment or parallel misalignment. In comparison with all the famous alignment systems existing on the market, the laser unit is not installed on the pulleys, but transmits an independent plane, which makes it possible to check if the pulley is perpendicular to the shaft axis and then to eliminate the pulley misalignment correctly. That's

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SYSTEM FOR LASER PULLEY ALIGNMENT AND FLATNESS MEASUREMENT MISALIGNMENT TYPES Angular vertical misalignment Angular horizontal misalignment Parallel misalignment No misalignment (after alignment procedure has been performed) tooth belt chain drive Drive types CASE HISTORY During one year the specialists of the BALTECH's technical service department were servicing 30 fans with V- belts at the engineering plant. As a result the engineering plant has managed to save10000$ due to reduction of equipment downtime and costs for electric power and spare parts. The BALTECH PA-4000 system paid back...

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