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A registered trademark of SNA Europe Group BANDSAW & METAL CUTTING TOOLS Precision tools you can rely on

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Precision tools you can rely on: Quality is our number one priority and we also believe that a key factor in both production cutting and general purpose cutting is product consistency. To achieve this, we operate within Bahco’s quality forward system, which uses the ISO 9001-2000 framework. We strive to continually improve our quality management system focusing on customers’ needs and satisfaction

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Be Sharp, Use Bahco Bandsaws Welcome to the Bahco Metal Cutting Catalogue: In this catalogue we will support you selecting the right bandsaw blade for high production or occasional operational use. Furthermore, this catalogue gives you an overview of our full range of metal cutting tools: holesaws, hacksaws and reciprocating saws, as well as our range of files and rotary burrs.

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Lidköping / Sweden Bramley / UK

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 5

Tooth Forming High technology milling and grinding processes are used for precision tooth forming, enabling the production of sharper and stronger teeth. Heat Treatment The latest technology heat treatment processes ensure: • High consistency • Easier welding alignment • Reduced handling All finished products are delivered to our highly automated distribution centres. Setting Computer controlled measuring devices and camera monitoring systems check every tooth. This information is collated and displayed on a monitor which: • Measures the set against the permissible tolerance, triggering an...

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 6

Serving your Business D = y + φ (x º / d2) QUALITY PRODUCTS Continuous improvement and investment in research and development has led to innovative, high-performance products for general-purpose and production cutting applications. We offer many patented products and features, from our unique Easy Cut design which simplifies complex blade selection, to the latest ‘set’ and ‘unset’ high performance carbide blades for the most demanding and complex cutting applications – such as commercial and military aerospace, power generation and other high-technology industries. Carbide Blades We believe...

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 7

TRAINING CENTERS: BANDSAW SPECIALIST: To provide the best support in our markets and accomplish the lowest cost per cut for our all customers we have our specialists across the globe. These specialists are trained in finding the best possible solution for each application in any specific case. They will help you to reach your target and find the right balance between quality performance and cost efficiency. To expand and maintain our extensive knowledge and experience on band sawing we have our own Bandsaw Academy with training centers across Europe. In our training centre in the UK,...

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 8

t b: width of blade s: thickness of blade h: gullet depth α: rake angle γ: clearance angle Types of Set The set is the tilt, or angle, given to the teeth of the saw blade to provide clearance for the blade body and the tooth edges. Below are different types of set: Raker Set In the raker set, one tooth is set to the left, one tooth is set to the right, and one tooth (raker) is unset. This set type is used on most evenly pitched blades such as regular and hook. It is also used for contour and friction cutting blades on vertical bandsaw machines. Combo Set In the combo set, used on combo...

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 9

How to select your blade? 1. Analyze application 3. Determine TPI 1. Analyze Application MACHINE OTHER NEEDS Besides the machine specifications it is very important to check the condition in which the machine is. Check at least the condition of the wheels, guides, chip brush and cooland. What machine are you using? Brand name, Brand type and machine type. The right blade dimensions depend on the used machine. Special profiles Multi layer profiles Bundle of round bars Bundle multi

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 10

Carbide Blades Bahco produces a comprehensive range of set and unset carbide bandsaw blades to ensure that we can meet the demands of our production cutting customers. High performance backing steel and optimized carbide grades give premium bandsawing performance. These products will cut faster and last longer than any other bandsaw blade in a wide variety of sawing applications. The blades are designed and produced for high efficiency cutting of difficult and abrasive materials as well as high performance cutting of large and difficult to cut work pieces. Structural steel, machining steel...

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 11

Bi-metal Blades High-speed steel tooth tips, combined with flexible alloy-steel backing material results in the most cost effective bandsaw blades for most metal sawing applications. Bi-metal bandsaw blades cover most market requirements, including multi-purpose blades and contour cutting, cutting tubes and profiles, foundry cutting and production cutting. The Sandflex® bandsaw blades cut different types of steel (structural, machining, quenched, tempered, high speed, nitriding) as well as brass, copper, nickel, cast iron, titanium and many other materials. Structural steel, machining steel...

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 12

Tooth pitch for solid workpieces Cutting pipes and profiles The diagram will help you to select the right pitch for cutting solids. The ideal choice is at the widest point of each field. The diagram on the left will help you find the correct tooth pitch for cutting pipes and profiles. The recommended tooth pitch for cutting profiles is found in the field where the width meets the wall thickness of the profile. Example 1: When cutting a Ø 150 mm (6 inch) bar, use a 2/3 TPI or a 1.4/2 TPI if you choose a variably pitched blade. Use 2 TPI, if an evenly pitched blade is your choice. Example 2:...

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Metal Cutting Catalogue - 13

EASY-CUT Table of Radius Choose S (Small), M (Medium) or L (Large), depending on the cutting range you need. EASY-CUT - Cutting DATA Order Code Blade Size Width x Thickness 13. DJ •S ! C I 1 5! ftiE-l a.Ei h >e i ?* ■*! IT i Cl It j C ■ Mill Band Width: The band width is measured from the tip of the teeth to the back edge of the blade. On horizontal machines, the band width is dependent upon the bandsaw machine being used. There is, however, some variation possible on vertical machines. For contour sawing, the blade should be as wide as the machine permits, but still narrow enough so that...

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