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System overview: Integrated Safety technology

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POWERLINK, Modbus TCP/UDP Automation Studio Safe at every level When programming safe applications, developers can take advantage of certified PLCopen function blocks placed in a graphical editor and virtually wired at the click of a mouse button. Function block diagrams created in this way show signal lines for safe data in a different color than those for the standard application. The data types for the safe and standard application are also depicted differently, making it impossible to mix them up by mistake. component of Automation Studio < Library with certified PLCopen safety function blocks < Virtually wired functions < Graphical editor and visual project comparison < Function Block Diagram < Different colors for safe and standard signal lines < Different data types for the safe and standard applications B&R Corporate Headquarters Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik Ges.m.b.H. B&R Strasse 1 5142 Eggelsberg, Austria Your local contact SafeLOGIC and SafeLOGIC-X Safety-oriented controllers at B&R are purposefully designed as standalone devices. Only in this way can all applications be implemented in a safe manner, regardless of the standard controller that has been selected. However, SafeLOGIC and SafeLOGIC-X are seamlessly integrated into the entire system according to the principle of integrated automation. SafeIO Safe digital and analog I/O modules are available with IP20 or IP67 protection. In addition to their normal I/O tasks, they also monitor the signal line as well as connected sensors and actuators. Because they are integrated within the entire system, they initially function in the standard application as normal modules. They deliver input signals and process output commands. Only when used together with SafeLOGIC do their safetyrelated characteristics become evident. SafeMOTION The direct integration of safety functions in the drive system greatly reduces response times and opens up new possibilities for decreasing danger. Especially during service work, i.e. situations in which service technicians have to work on running processes, the advantages of Smart Safe Reaction open new perspectives. SafeROBOTICS Safety-related functions can be used for kinematic objects based on SafeMOTION control functions and the programming options available with SafeLOGIC or SafeLOGIC-X. This enables functions such as Safely Limited Speed (SLS) at the tool center point of the robot, introducing a new era of safety technology in the area of robotics and CNC. At first glance, the emphasis of integrated safety technology seems to be placed on the products. Indeed, the X20 SafeIO modules, the integral SafeMOTION control capabilities of the ACOPOS and ACOPOSmulti platforms, the SafeLOGIC controller and the SafeDESIGNER toolset in Automation Studio are truly eyecatching. However, integrated safety technology means much more than this: It‘s a synonym for the way in which safety-related components work with one another and with the standard automation technology being used. MM-E01345.091 © 11/2013 by B&R. All rights reserved worldwide. SafeDESIGNER in Automation Studio The development tool for integrated safety applications is SafeDESIGNER, software included with the Automation Studio engineering package. This extensive platform provides tools for every aspect of industrial automation – from the controller and drives to communication, visualization and integrated safety technology. Visual project comparison An important component of SafeDESIGNER is the visual project comparison feature, which makes it easy for the developer to see every single change in the safe application. This doesn‘t just make it possible to analyze the differences between machine generations, but modified device parameters and time values as well. openSAFETY 3rd party device ACOPOSmulti SafeMOTION Easily programming safe applications – made possible by SafeDESIGNER in Automation Studio. Certified function blocks ensure safety right from the start. A project comparison view makes every change visible to the developer. Integrated safety technology System overview Integrated automation Global presence Solid partnership Programming made simple and safe - SafeDESIGNER

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SafeIO Safe digital inputs ACOPOSmulti SafeMOTION X67SI8103 IP67, M12 2 pulse outputs 2 digital inputs 2 digital outputs 2 A device supply Safe counting X20SD1207 Incremental encoder 24 V Input frequency max. 7 kHz 4x evaluation Open line detection Encoder monitoring X20ST4492 24-bit 2x2 thermocouple inputs Sensor types J, K, N, S, R, C, T 1x2 resistance temperature measurement inputs PT100 and PT1000 Safe encoder solutions Safe digital outputs Safe temperature inputs X20SP1130 High-side/high-side type 10 A Safe digital outputs 24 VDC Safe digital outputs X20SO2110 High-side/low-side type...

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