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Innovations 2014

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Integrated safety with openSAFETY 20 Mobile automation - Redefining modularity _______ ___________ 22 New HMI family - Power Panel T-Series and C-Series ______ 24 Panel PC 900 - The ideal system platform 34 Modular support arm systems 38 Revolutionary cabling - Smart Display Link 3 42 System Designer - Redundancy with drag-and-drop ______ 46 Open communication - Future proofing with 0PC UA__ ______48 Technology Guards protect your software know-how ______ 49 Basic - Advanced - Expert - Scalable closed loop control solutions 50 Secure direct access all the way to the controller with FTP...

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reACTION TECHNOLOGY Ultrafast automation reACTION TECHNOLOGY With reACTION technology, B&R is able to reduce response times in industrial automation applications down to 1 µs. This new approach allows extremely time-critical subprocesses to be managed using standard hardware – all within the requirements of IEC 61131 – while cutting costs by reducing the load on the controller and optimizing performance to match demands. The result is an immense increase in performance without added costs. With reACTION technology, programs created in the function block editor are executed directly on I/O...

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Response CPU using standard technology Response time depends on: < Network performance < Number of nodes in the network < Network data traffic < CPU performance < CPU load Clear advantages: < Centralized software administration < Distributed program execution < For both low-end and high-end systems < Fully integrated < Open IEC 61131 technology

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Ultrafast automation reACTION TECHNOLOGY Open Standard software development in Automation Studio Simple Easy simulation in standard PLC tasks Standardized IEC 61131 FBD editor (FBD = Function Block Diagram) Transparent Easy program assignments in the module configuration Flexible Possible to switch program at runtime Wide-ranging communication possibilities Data exchange between reACTION I/O modules and the PLC using standard process variables Extensive function library < Access to digital and analog module signals < Data exchange with the central control program < Logical operations: AND,...

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reACTION TECHNOLOGY reACTION I/O modules System Module type Digital module Single-width Digital/Analog module Double-width POWERLINK bus controller M12 – High density module 2x 24 VDC, <2 µs Configurable software filter 4x 24 VDC, <2 µs Configurable software filter 4x 24 VDC, <2 µs Configurable software filter Analog inputs 2x ±10 V, 12-bit, 5 µs Configurable software filter 2x ±10 V, 12-bit, 5 µs Configurable software filter Analog outputs Digital inputs Digital inputs/outputs reACTION TECHNOLOGY reACTION TECHNOLOGY 3x 5 VDC, <2 µs Configurable software filter reACTION TECHNOLOGY Extremely...

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Compact X20 controllers with integrated I/O Integrated flash drive Up to 4 GB of internal flash memory Up to 16 kB of NV RAM B&R has expanded the X20 system to include a new series of compact controllers with integrated I/O. As with all X20 CPUs, additional I/O modules can be connected locally or further away using cables. The new compact CPUs are offered in various types with different levels of performance and features. By default, they are equipped with 32 built-in digital and analog I/O channels and have an x86 processor. POWERLINK, standard Ethernet, CAN, RS232 and USB are available as...

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Best-of-class performance x86 processor Up to 256 MB RAM 2 performance classes Totally maintenance-free No fans No batteries Buffered real-time clock Flexible IF slot X20 interface slot For all X20 fieldbus modules Local expansion Complete X20 product range Up to 250 I/O modules Connected directly or at distances up to 100 m Integrated I/O 32 digital and analog channels Integrated functions e.g. ABR, PWM or pulse direction reACTION technology Ultra fast I/O response times Greatly reduced CPU load For all onboard I/O POWERLINK For remote connection of I/O modules, axes and safety equipment...

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Real-time Ethernet onboard – Unlimited expansion possibilities Complete functionality in 2 performance classes Compact controllers are available with processor performance clocked at 200 MHz and 400 MHz. Depending on the variant, there is up to 256 MB RAM and 16 kB nonvolatile onboard RAM. A built-in flash drive with up to 4 GB is available for application and data storage. All CPUs are equipped with Ethernet, USB and one RS232 interface. In both performance classes, integrated POWERLINK and CAN interfaces are also available. If additional fieldbus connections are needed, all CPUs can be...

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Onboard flash drive Interface slots Compact CPU CPU Fastest cycle time RAM Removable memory RTC buffer time (typical) Maintenance-free Technology reACTION technology reACTION TECHNOLOGY reACTION TECHNOLOGY reACTION TECHNOLOGY reACTION technology makes it possible to achieve ultrafast I/O response times down to one microsecond. reACTION technology works independently of the CPU and considerably reduces the load placed on it. Programming takes place in B&R's Automation Studio engineering tool using the standard function block editor (FBD). The reACTION program can include the highspeed I/O on...

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Precise registration mark detection B&R's X67BC8591.L12 module provides fast and precise registration mark detection using analog sensors. With a sampling time of 5 µs, the module can poll 2 registration mark sensors at the same time. Designed with IP67 protection, it can be installed outside of the control cabinet near the sensor due to the reduced length of the analog lines. This minimizes disturbance signals, which ensures reliable detection of the marks at speeds of up to 1000 m/min. The measurement width is not dependent on the color, so the module is suitable for side registration...

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Fast and precise: The X67 module polls 2 registration mark sensors at the same time within 5 µs. IP67 protection allows installation outside the control cabinet. An integrated POWERLINK interface enables real-time communication and allows additional local I/O points to be connected. Relative mark positions Absolute mark positions Absolute repeat precision over 1000 measurements. The precision of the mark width measurement corresponds to the accuracy of absolute mark positions. NetTime technology NetTime TECHNOLOGY NetTime technology allows events to be recorded or output with extremely...

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