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Perfection in Automation CNC Technology

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Computerized numerical control For more than 40 years, the term CNC has been synonymous with high-precision machine tools used in the manufacturing and processing of many different kinds of workpieces. The primary objective of CNC machine tools is to ensure the precision of the programmed path. In addition, handling technology-

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3 CNC from B&R dently implement machine processes on the controller. This reduces development times while providing a way to protect proprietary knowledge, which in turn makes it possible for manufacturers to take advantage of unique selling points for their products. In addition, B&R‘s total solution combines excellent dynamics at the highest levels of precision for process movements and ensures the increased machine throughput that results. This is achieved by completing integrating CNC, the PLC and motion control on a single centralized control computer. Interpolation times in the...

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Isn‘t it the wish of every machine or system designer to procure a complete platform to automate control tasks? This is because the requirements and demands that need to be met when developing new machine concepts go far beyond simply lining up a sequence of individual processes. Machines often have to be able to handle direct connections between path control systems and I/O as well as intervening actions in drive functions that derive from the process itself. Auxiliary axes need to be coupled to path axes, and it must be possible to visualize all sequences in real time. Networking machines...

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5 Generic Motion Control Actuators Servo Stepper Inverter Hydraulics Functional range for industries Motion Control CNC Robotics User layer operation PLCopen Generic Motion Control combines all important functions into a single homogeneous system. CNC from B&R

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Range of CNC functions Room for interpretation The GMC interpreter acts as the interface to the user. Text-based CNC programs and movement sequences for robots are translated by the interpreter, evaluated in the subsequent function modules and then converted into movements. CNC applications are programmed in accordance with the DIN 66025 standard, with corresponding expansion possibilities for special functions. - preter as is usually the case; rather,

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7 processed cyclically until either an assigned termination condition is met or the end of the CNC program is reached. Functions and function blocks Functions and function blocks used in a CNC program may be grouped together into a B&R library. Both functions and function blocks are executed synchronously to the interpreter or to the path depending

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From a single source Highlights: Reduced hardware costs Reduced installation space Reduced personnel and wiring costs Accelerated commissioning (PVI Transfer, automatic module recognition, ServoScan, modular software) Easy maintenance (System Diagnostics Manager (SDM), remote diagnostics) Open system architecture with fully scalable hardware Drive, controller or visualization-based CPU 100 MHz Pentium, Atom up to 2 GHz, Core2Duo 3.5“ up to 19“ displays All drive types

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9 Creating technology leaders with B&R Real-time operating system High-speed interpolation cycles up to 400 ìs Precise synchronization of CNC, PLC, I/O and drives down to the microsecond Integration, drive coordination and logic control on a single processor CNC and PLC run as synchronized tasks Highlights: >

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From a single source Customized visualization Visual Components as an embedded solution with an editor integrated directly into the Automation * Highlights: 1 Q hardware Complete freedom of design when creating the visualization No additional licensing costs Inclusive cell control All sequences within a cell, e.g. interpolation of NC axes, control of peripheral axes, logic processing, robot control, visualization, etc. controlled by a single CPU Open kinematic interface Identical database for robots and CNC Highlights: Hardware costs reduced due to use of a single CPU Very simple...

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11 Creating technology leaders with B&R POWERLINK: Communication in deterministic real time One network for all tasks Topologies: Line, star, tree or ring Remote peer-to-peer communication * Highlights: Reusability of Windows visualizations Shorter development times Continuous machine operation Highlights: Cost savings on wiring Decentralization while retaining synchronization Short response times High data throughput Customized visualization Windows connected to the realtime operating system via PVI or TCP/IP socket communication

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The perfect foundation… Generic Motion Control components form the heart of applications in a @

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13 GMC - The heart of your motion application …for your machine The graphical display is based on Visual Components, B&R's integrated real- time visualization system. Through the visualization, the user can access the system functions of the software, and the interface is designed so that the visualization itself can be complemented with or even totally replaced

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PP35 Power Panel Power Panel SafeLOGIC ACOPOS ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSinverter ACOPOSinverter ACOPOSmicro X67 X20 Panel PC X20 PLC-based Panel-based Panel-based PC-based X67 SafeIO CNC system variants

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15 Automation PC ACOPOSmulti APC820 ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOSmulti ACOPOS ACOPOS ACOPOSinverter X67 Panel PC Automation Panel Automation Panel Automation PC Automation PC PC-based PC-based Drive-based Hydraulic axis Customized handheld operating device Customized System overview

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Integrated Safety Technology The future of safety technology on machines has begun. Fixed wiring is being replaced by safe data trans-

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17 Safety ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi B&R Automation Studio SafeDESIGNER PLC/PC ACOPOSmicro X20 SafeIO X67 SafeIO X67 SafeIO X20 SafeIO X20 SafeIO openSAFETY 3rd Party ACOPOSmulti SafeMC ACOPOS SafeROBOTICS/SafeCNC SafeLOGIC POWERLINK STO STO X20 SafeIO STO Modbus, TCP/IP, POWERLINK STO ACOPOSinverter

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