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Perfection in Automation Integrated Safety Technology

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Integrated Safety Technology Smart Safe Reaction - It doesn't always have to be downtime Conventional safety technology has meant stopping the entire machine group when even the smallest disturbance occurs. B&R's Smart Safe Reaction uses a completely new approach. Flexible safety functions such as Safe Direction or Safely Limited Increment are integral parts of the drive system and allow service work to be performed during operation. This minimizes the time and effort required for service and installation work and also eliminates the motivation to manipulate the system. Virtual wiring -...

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3 Integrated Safety Technology correct configuration. Parameters are safely distributed and tested via the network. Your service technician will certainly appreciate this kind of relief during stressful situations. A fast response is a good response Until now, guaranteed, safety-related response times of less than 6 ms have been limited to a few compact controllers on the market - without integration or fieldbus capability. B&R is the only supplier to offer this performance with distributed SafeIO or SafeMC via the machine bus and with all the advantages of integrated safety. When safe data...

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The system at a glance At first glance, the emphasis of "Integrated Safety Technology" seems to be placed on the products. Indeed, the X20 SafeIO modules, the integral SafeMC (Safe Motion Control) capabilities of ACOPOS and ACOPOSmulti platforms, the SafeLOGIC controller and the SafeDESIGNER toolset in Automation Studio are truly eyecatching. However, Integrated Safety Technology means much more than this: It's a synonym for the way in which safety-related components work with one another and with the standard automation technology being used. SafeLOGIC Safety-oriented controllers at B&R...

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SafeIO - More than just yellow terminals What makes SafeIO safe? The internal dual-channel 1oo2 (one out of two) architecture is actually a secondary consideration here. For the user, it is the technological advantages that distinguish the products when they are used in safety-related applications. Safe digital inputs ¡¡ Module-internal evaluation of 2-channel sensors ¡¡ Separately configurable filters for rising and falling signal edges ¡¡ Unique modulation patterns (serial number encoding) on the clock outputs ¡¡ Simultaneously suitable for switching devices with contacts and electronic...

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7 Integrated Safety Technology Safe digital outputs ¡¡ Semiconductor or relay technology ¡¡ "Plus/Minus" switching outputs for the highest levels of safety ¡¡ "Plus switching only" outputs for actuators with GND supply ¡¡ Additional current ranges: 0.1 A, 0.5 A, 2 A, 10 A ¡¡ Test impulses that can be switched off ¡¡ Open-circuit detection (muting lamp monitoring) Safe analog inputs ¡¡ For current, PT100, PT1000 and thermocouple sensors ¡¡ Monitor function for minimum programming effort ¡¡ Sensor function for maximum usability ¡¡ Standard and safe analog measurement in one device ¡¡...

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SafeMC - Drive with feeling Today's safety technology is rigid and detached from the flexibility of modern machine controllers. Next to slimmed down automation that is based on well-established fieldbus systems, the implementation of safety technology seems archaic by comparison. This missing flexibility often demands safety fences and enclosures, which results in time-intensive and complicated work sequences that further reduce a system's productivity. openSAFETY sets technical standards There are a number of new approaches to safe fieldbus systems that are heavily influenced by...

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9 Integrated Safety Technology openSAFETY also provides for safe parameter assignment. During booting, the parameters on the module are checked against the data on the SafeLOGIC device. If they don't match, the data is transferred to the module securely via the openSAFETY service. This relieves technicians from the responsibility of always having to configure parameters when performing maintenance. Extensive safety functions A complete set of safety functions that conform to the IEC 61800-5 safety standard have been implemented in the SafeMC module. They allow even the difficult demands of...

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ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOSmulti ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOS multi ACOPOSmulti SafeMC ACOPOSmulti SafeMC ACOPOSmulti SafeMC SafeROBOTICS SafeLOGIC SafeROBOTICS - Robots without cells One long-term objective for safe robotics is the development...

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11 Integrated Safety Technology Requirement 2: SafeMC Monitoring axis and arm movements as well as mastering braking and stopping distances are just as important as actual sequential control when it comes to the safety of robotic systems. Integrating safety technology directly into servo drives and motors resulted in a reduction of the time it takes to detect and respond to errors from the typical 80 ms (using safety circuits with cut-off relays) down to 7 ms, reducing stopping distances by a factor of 100. This means a reduction in the safety clearance when traveling the same speed, which...

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SafeLOGIC - Simply safe All central tasks are handled using SafeLOGIC. These can be generally subdivided into the following areas: configuration management, parameter management and the safetyoriented application program. When combined with SafeIO, SafeMC and/ or SafeROBOTICS components, these functions make it possible to implement both extremely simple as well as more complex demands on a uniform, safety-oriented platform. Configuration management ¡¡ Ensures a consistent, safety-related machine configuration ¡¡ Checks the module type as well as hardware and firmware versions against...

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