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Brochure: APROL Process automation

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APROL Process automation Scalable. Flexible. Modular.

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One system for many disciplines. Process Automation

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Multi-runtime projects Safe communication Web-based diagnostics Simple fieldbus integration _ - 12 Batch production _ _ _ ---------------- Language switching and speech output (TTS----- - 23 Process Automation

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Flexible system design APROL system software and X20 system automation components are constantly stepping up to new challenges in manufacturing, process and building automation, with countless successful applications all across the world: << Installations in a wide range of industries << High performance, high reliability and high availability << Optimal and efficient operation of throughout a system's entire life cycle << All of a system's upstream, downstream and auxiliary processes also automated by APROL << All current process values managed by centralized Iosys real-time database <<...

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Concurrent engineering Several project engineers can work in a team on the same project without having to worry about access conflicts. Configuration data is stored centrally on the engineering server. << Coordinated access to project elements << Filtering functions for Change Control report The database server coordinates access to the engineering data and individual configuration elements. If a configuration element is being worked on, then all other project engineers only have read access to the configuration element. << Complete configuration history All control computers maintain a...

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System architecture Office access Remote access Operator station Engineering station Integrated safety Safety controller Controller redundancy Engineering server Profibus DP/PA Profibus DP/PA Profibus DP/PA HART (Exi) Process Automation

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Gateway server Safety controller Safety controller Server redundancy Optional: Batch server (3rd party) Optional: OPC server FDT-Container Maintenance Operator station Operator station Batch management Operator station 3rd party connectivity INA INA Simatic S5/S7 ANSL Event driver Modbus Plus RK512 TI (Texas Instr.) Process Automation

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Controller Redundancy Implementing high-availability systems with real CPU redundancy has often been considered to expensive to implement. Now, however, B&R is making high-availability systems much more attractive by reducing costs to previously unheard of levels. The CPU is the heart that makes redundant automation possible; if this essential yet complex component fails, it can have extremely dramatic consequences. Reducing the cost of redundancy CPU redundancy for B&R's X20 systems makes high availability an attractive and economical option for small applications as well. Fiber optic...

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Redundant fieldbuses and controllers as well as redundant servers and a client-server architecture guarantee maximum availability. made by personnel with minimal training and without affecting productivity. Automatic synchronization applies not only to the application software, it also includes the operating system on the controller, therefore maximizing the speed of service tasks. parameters or failure criteria. Individual process variables and libraries can be defined as redundant or non-redundant in a way that deviates from the default settings suggested by Automation Studio, further...

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Higher-level control Higher-level control A multi-runtime project also supports the higher-level process control level. Process Automation

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Multi-runtime projects In addition to controllers, an APROL process control system consists of the following core components: the engineering system, runtime server and operator stations. The entire system configuration is created in the engineering system; from there it is loaded to the controllers, runtime servers and operator stations. This results in sections of programming logic for the controller and the runtime server that are based on the software design of control modules. In order to ensure maximum upward scalability, the number of controllers as well as the number of runtime...

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Simple fieldbus integration This feature makes it possible to connect fieldbus systems directly to POWERLINK-based remote I/O devices, thereby minimizing cabling expense and effort. << Intelligent field devices Digital communication is possible with intelligent field devices based on HART or PROFIBUS PA, with full support for all troubleshooting options. << FDT (Field Device Tool) FDT technology standardizes the communication interface between field devices and systems. DTMs contain all device-specific data, functions and operating rules, such as the device structure, available...

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Safe communication << Guaranteed response/cutoff time << Simple system expansion The deterministic processing of safety-related data via the open, fieldbus-independent openSAFETY protocol makes it possible to guarantee the response time over a given safety circuit (input > safe transfer > processing > safe transfer > output). TÜV certification, SIL 3, Cat. 4, PL e. Fieldbus systems reduce cabling costs for the system, save valuable space and reduce engineering expenses. Using the "Black Channel" principle, openSAFETY is the only safety protocol in the world that can transfer secure data via...

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Web-based diagnostics The APROL System Diagnostics Manager provides a graphic representation of all relevant information. An APROL process control system is always made up of three core components: << Engineering server << Runtime server << Operator station A glance at the automation pyramid shows that the APROL process control system from B&R is a complete system – from the field level to the management information level. The APROL web server makes it possible to operate and monitor a system via the intranet/Internet without limitations. Up to 25 web clients access the data of an APROL web...

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All historical data (trend data and events) can be queried from the web. This data is available in standard reports with extensive filtering options as well as in the trend viewer with a simple click of the mouse. << AlarmReport The AlarmReport makes it possible to display and evaluate all current and historical alarm data. The ProcessDataReport allows the current values of process variables to be queried. The CompressorReport provides preprocessed values over a configurable time period. Generated PDF files are formatted according to rules defined by style sheets (CSS). The version...

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