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Automation Studio 4

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Integrated automation

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Software engineering with Automation Studio 12 Mechatronic synergy through concurrent engineering 14 Drag S Drop - Hardware configuration has never been so easy 18 Combine programming languages as needed 20 One tool for universal motion control 22 Virtual wiring - Real safety____ 23 Lock in your software investment 24 Maximum availability through redundancy___ 30 The APR0L process control system 31 P0WERLINK-The standard for real-time Ethernet 36 openSAFETY- The only fieldbus-independent safety protocol 37 Optimize your system 38

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A single uniform programming tool for every aspect of an automation project minimizes training needs, solidifies overall integration and eliminates communication problems between engineering disciplines. << Reduce lead times Accelerate time to market with automatic code generation from machine simulations, utilization of configuration data from electrical engineering software and efficient collaboration supported by breaking down software development tasks into modules. Save time and money by starting software development before the hardware is completed, reusing software modules across...

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Results, FAST! Automation Studio 4 is the ultimate tool for the field of machine and systems engineering. Through its sustainable and efficient approach to software development, it will help you keep your quality up, your engineering costs down and your time-to-market short – even in the face of ever-­ increasing product complexity. The capital goods market expects continuously expanding functionality while keeping prices constant. It demands top quality, a long useful life and low operating and service costs. The only way for machines and systems to meet these requirements and offer real...

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< Intuitive user guidance < Consistent user interface for all aspects of an automation project < Versatile programming in IEC­ < Scalable hardware platform with long-term availability bidirectional interfaces Faster service < A single partner for control, HMI, motion and safety technology < Comprehensive remote diagnostics

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Integrated software engineering Automation Studio 4 is the one development and runtime environment for every aspect of an automation solution – from control and motion technology to HMI, operation and integrated safety technology. The 4th generation of this powerful software engineering platform for industrial automation has been completely redesigned to help users work more efficiently and effectively. Today’s software developers are confronted with an unprecedented diversity of hardware options, both on the machine and on their desks. To keep up with the mounting complexity, functional...

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Automation Studio 4 is the one development and runtime environment for every aspect of an automation solution – from control and motion technology to HMI, operation and integrated safety technology. The advantages of object-oriented programming The behavior of a machine or system is governed by its software. It is the software that steers every process and movement, it is the software that manages vital messages and operating data, and it is the software that ensures appropriate responses to user input, instructions from external systems and events reported to it via sensors. Software...

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Open at every level The only future-proof solution is an open solution. Openness allows you to work with the tools you are most comfortable using. It allows machines to communicate effortlessly with external systems. And by facilitating the reuse of existing software for future solutions, it frees up valuable time to get your product to market faster. Proprietary solutions, step aside. The future is Automation Studio 4. Automation Studio 4 allows PLC programming in all IEC 61131-3 languages, in CFC and C, as well as object-oriented programming in C++. This not only allows programmers to...

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< XML format for project files All files in plain text POWERLINK, CANopen, DeviceNet, Modbus IDA, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, FDT/DTM, EDS, GSD Motion and safety technology Open Ethernet-based real-time fieldbus Fieldbus-independent integrated safety MATLAB, MapleSim software. Further support is provided by direct access to databases via the SQL interface. Many interfaces to other systems Automation Studio 4 utilizes OPC Unified Architecture, or OPC UA for short, for its direct connection to the plant management level. This protocol provides convenient functions that make developers’...

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Software engineering with Automation Studio -* All devices networked to form a complete, synchronous system via POWERLINK Simple, controlled access to machine data with OPC -* Seamless integration of fieldbus devices -* External databases linked directly to the machine 05 Drives S Motion control -* Uniform programming - from stepper motors to servo drives -* Easy access with standardized PLCopen integration Comprehensive support from configuration to commissioning -* One homogeneous system from single-axis solutions to CNC -* Investment protection through software reusability -* Complete...

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With Automation Studio, developers can program, test and optimize open and closed control loops and algorithms, movement sequences and visualization interfaces – all in a single development environment. This eliminates the problems that arise when interfacing between separate tools and significantly increases development efficiency. Through the use of open communication and soft- ware architectures and the application of modern, sustainable development techniques, this integrated development platform and real-time operating system supports time-saving development of high-quality complete...

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Mechatronic synergy through concurrent engineering Ideal Parallel & modular Automation Studio 4 provides full support for both parallel and modular development, reducing the total development time of machines and systems in the process. Parallel & modular When manufacturing machines and systems, the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, control and software engineering come together to produce fully integrated mechatronic systems. While the complexity of these systems continues to grow, the amount of time permitted for developing them is shrinking. With the array of powerful features and...

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