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TriVolution Tri-Kneader

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NEXT GENERATION COMPOUNDING Strong Innovation • Strong Value • Strong Choice TriVolution Series Tri-Kneader

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Operating and maintaining an efficient, versatile plant presents many challenges for chemical processors. Today, concerns about the cost and availability of raw materials and energy, as well as initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainability add even greater complexity to the task. Fortunately, chemical processors don't have to face these challenges alone. B&P has taken its more than 100 years of experience and traditional strengths in engineering high-precision, high-reliability processing systems and dedicated them to developing an innovative new compounding system...

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Crammer Feeder (shown), Top Feeder or simple Feed Hopper for introducing raw materials into the process zone. Starve feeding, flood feeding and force feeding are all available options. Atmospheric or vacuum vent stacks for ultra-efficient devol promoting stable processing and high quality melt. AC Motor and Variable Frequency Drive package provides the energy To power the TriVolution Tri-Kneader. Compounders Toolbox offers widest array of elements for fine tuning of distributive and dispersive mixing as well as conveying, compression, renewable surface, free volume and degassing. B&P’s...

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TriVolution Operating Principle TriVolution is a unique compounding system based upon multiple axial oscillations per revolution of the screw shaft. The mixing interaction occurs between the discontinuous flights of the screw and stationary pins positioned along the interior barrel wall. The flights weave in a slalom pattern around the pins. A repeating cycle of product separation, folding, compression, shear, decompression and reorientation. In legacy kneaders, the pin-flight interaction occurs as a fixed spike pattern with a peak shear moment. TriVolution dramatically improves upon this...

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PVC compounding Product degrades at 200ºC. Legacy Kneader burned product resulting in SME dropoff. TriVolution maintains stable temperature and low SME despite increased rpm and throughput. High-Performance , High-Efficiency High throughputs were achieved at a much lower rpm than with the legacy technology. While the TriVolution is also capable of high rpm, processing at slower circumfirential screw tip speeds lessens the wear and tear on the machine. Longer operational life, higher availability, less downtime and fewer replacement parts means lower operational expense per pound of material...

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Preliminary Dimensions TriVolution in Crosshead Arrangement TriVolution-80 [TriVolution-120] General Product Line Data Each TriVolution is specifically designed to the individual process requirements of the project. All data is subject to change. Model TriVolution-30 TriVolution-45 TriVolution-60 TriVolution-80 TriVolution-120 TriVolution-160 Functional Design Samples, Formulating, Cost-Effective Operation in R&D Environs, Intermittent Use Custom/Toll Compounding, EasyClean/Changeover, Multi Process High Capacity, High Uptime and Availability, Workhorse

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A Wide Open Process Window TriVolution offers a wide range of process capability in traditional thermoplastics and thermoset applications but also has been tested in some other areas such as food, anode paste, bio-compounds, reactive and other various processes. The chart below offers a glimpse at some expected rates in thermoplastics compounding. For a precise calculation specific to your materials, take a test spin on the TriVolution-60 in the B&P Technology Demonstration and Development Center. The above figures are an estimate of performance subject to formulation variables and...

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Testing, Proving and Demonstration The B&P Customer Development and Demonstration Center is one of the most complete laboratory of this type in the United States. The 16,000 square foot building contains eight fully equipped pilot plant bays, an analytical laboratory, comfortable conference rooms and is staffed with experienced engineers and technicians. Here, customers’ products and processes are evaluated on a pilot plant scale. B&P Process Engineers and Laboratory Technicians handle dozens of such confidential evaluations each year. Complete process data are generated for the B&P...

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TriVolution Application Areas Ranging from the very aggressive, high-energy, high-shear dispersive nature to a rather finesse, low-shear, distributive nature, TriVolution is a premium compounder across a very broad spectrum of application areas. A significant percentage of tests performed at B&P were on formulations that processors were not able to compound by conventional means. A cross-section of application areas relevant to target markets are represented here. Layouts, parameters and performance are dynamic according to material and formulation specifics. Polvmer Resin Pellet Cooler...

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SIOPLAS: An excellent combination of adjustable residence time distribution and distributive mixing profile support the performance of TriVolution in XLPE and Sioplas applications. TriVolution is proven to acheive a high level of grafting to the polymer matrix. A well-controlled low temperature profile prevents the flashing off of liquid component. High dispersion SureFlite-24 elements from the compounders toolbox allow the polymer to be quickly melted prior to the introduction of liquid silane/peroxide mixture. SEMICONDUCTIVE: Split-feeding special conductive carbon-black under a...

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Additives Filler TPO/TPE and SPECIALTY: TriVolution incorporates several mechanical steps into its mix cycle and it repeats this cycle several times throughout the rotation and reciprocation of the screw shaft. Conveying, folding, orientation, compression, shearing, decompression and reorientation take place and, unlike traditional systems, the intensity of each cycle is adjustable. Control and consistency are primary advantages of TriVolution and a very uniform dwell time and heat history can be presented resulting in high quality compounding of a wide range of materials. Chopped Glass...

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