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Diesel / LPG / Electric

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Handling Technologies SIDE LOADER PLATFORM SL D/L/E 3ton to 6ton Diesel / LPG / Electric

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The SL has a highly innovative patented modular based design. This new versatile concept is based upon a common platform for diesel, LPG and electric versions whereby only the power module changes. On the same platform and electronic system by adopting a variety of building blocks (base frame, power module, front axle module, rear axle module, counterweight module, mast and cabin) it is possible to meet any customer requirement in terms of diesel/lpg/electric drive, engine/motor power, lifting capacity, speed and acceleration, braking power, ground clearance, ramping capability, hydraulic...

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CABIN With the new wide cabin the operator enjoys a wide visibility window (front/rear/left and right). The full front glass till foot level combined with the double sliding glass at the right hand side of the cabin and the right side lower window gives maximum front and load platform visibility. The visibility at higher elevation is guaranteed by a properly designed sunroof with safety grid. Dual pedal hands free drive (Forward Pedal and Reverse Pedal) or alternatively forward/reverse lever on steering column Powerful defrosting system for front and right side glasses The hydraulic...

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ELECTRONIC CONTROL The whole SL is electronic computer controlled with all peripherals such as sensors and actuators connected by a CANBUS system. The engine / motors, the hydrostatic pumps and motors / electrical motors, the hydraulic pump and hydraulic movements are controlled by a Central Processing Unit to offer:  lower energy consumption at equivalent performances with respect to a traditional mechanical system  lower emissions  optimization of smoothness by proper settings and adjustments of all hydraulic movements  customization of settings and adjustments of all traction and...

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In the SLD/SLL the traction is hydrostatic closed circuit type. The system is composed of one variable displacement pump flanged to the engine and of two piston engines with fixed displacement. The hydraulic motors are mounted directly on the wheel reducer rear axle. The hydraulic system is load sensing type with axial piston variable pump. The control valve is proportional electronically controlled with electronic flow sharing. This system provides for 5% to 10% fuel savings. In the SLE the electric module includes the battery kit and the control drives. The electric traction motors are...

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Handling Technologies BP s.r.l. Via Nazionale 68 - Localita Croce 43058 SORBOLO (PR) ITALY Ph +390521604200 Fax +390521604359 web: www.bpht.it email: info@bpht.it

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