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Power Source & Sink

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Power Source & Sink Signal Generation & Analysis Component Testing Product Catalog

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"We are commited to continuing our work of developing new, exciting and dependable equipment to serve your testing needs." A Message from the President It’s hard to imagine that B&K Precision has been serving the electronics industry for 65 years now. From modest beginnings in a TV repair shop in Chicago, to today’s modern manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, France, and China; R&D and marketing offices in the US, Israel, and Romania; and distributors in over 50 countries, B&K has continued to innovate, strengthen, and expand its product offerings. Today’s electronic engineers and students...

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Sefram St. Etienne, France B&K Headquarters Yorba Linda, California, USA B&K R&D Center Cluj, Romania Power Supplies Subheading B+K Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan B&K Brasil Sao Paolo, Brazil B&K Precision group member In 1961, Carl Korn placed B&K Precision under an umbrella corporation, Dynascan, comprising a variety of electronics firms. One of those companies, Cobra Electronics, came to dominate the Citizen’s Band (CB) radio phenomenon. Choosing to focus on radios, Korn sold B&K Precision. Through an ensuing series of ownership transitions B&K continued to produce high-quality test and...

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For an indepth and most up-to-date product information, support, news and more, visit www.bkprecision.com Video Library View product overviews, demonstrations, and application videos in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Knowledge Base Search and find answers to frequently asked questions, plus a wealth of resources: how-to guides, technical notes and other articles. Product Applications Browse all of our supported product and mobile applications.

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CONTENTS 4 Power Supplies 6 ATE System & Application-Specific 11 General Purpose, Programmable 17 Basic & Education, Non-Programmable 19 AC Sources / Power Meters 22 DC Electronic Loads 24 Modular 26 Stand-Alone Programmable 29 Basic 30 Oscilloscopes 32 DSO/MSO 35 DSO 36 Handheld 37 Economy and Analog 38 Component Testers 40 Bench LCR 42 Handheld LCR 43 Handheld Capacitance, IC, ESR, Logic 44 DC Resistance 45 Battery Testers 45 Overview, Battery Analyzers 47 Frequency Response Analyzer 48 Signal Generators 51 True Arbitrary & Function Arbitrary 54 Digital (DDS) 55 Pulse 56 Analog 57...

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POWER SUPPLIES Clean and reliable power

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Finding the right power supply B&K Precision's power supply families cover basic to high performance, 30 W to 5100 W, single or multiple outputs, programmable and non-programmable, linear, switching, mixed mode, multi range (auto), dual range, as well as support for all industry standard computer interfaces such as USB, GPIB, and LAN. r    ;    c Power supply guide Introduction to different power supply types and the technology behind them, plus related terms, specifications and usage examples. Visit “Applications” page at bkprecision.com

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9170B/9180B Series Programmable Dual-Range DC Power Supplies The 9170B/9180B Series programmable DC power supplies offer industry leading performance, designed to meet the most demanding applications in R&D, design verification and production test. All 9 models deliver clean, stable and precise output power due to the supplies’ exceptionally low ripple and noise, low temperature coefficient, excellent regulation and fast transient response time characteristics. Additionally, the 9170B/9180B Series offers unique features not typically found in other power sources on the market, such as...

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The B&K Precision XLN Series are compact, programmable, single-output DC power supplies, suitable for a wide range of applications. Comparable supplies from other manufacturers primarily address the ATE market only, while the XLN Series are designed for both benchtop users and system integrators. For benchtop applications, these power supplies offer built-in voltage and current meters displaying setting and output values concurrently, as well as an intuitive user interface with full keypad and rotary knob. Standard USB & RS485 and optional GPIB & LAN interfaces combined with fast...

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ATE System Power & Solar PVS Series High Power Programmable DC Power Supplies USB The PVS Series delivers programmable output power up to 5.1 kW and is well suited for bench use, ATE systems integration, R&D, design verification, production test, and high voltage testing. The low-noise characteristic of the PVS Series makes these instruments particularly ideal for motor inverter testing. When operated with the optional SAS software, these power supplies can be used for solar array testing applications. Model PVS60085MR is a multi-ranging supply allowing any combination of the rated voltage...

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Power Supplies ATE System Power & Solar Solar Array Simulation (SAS) Software Option Solar inverter designers need to verify their inverter is capable of delivering the maximum power available from solar modules. The I-V curve of solar cells can be influenced by various weather conditions such as a cloudy day. Combined with the SAS application software, PVS users can easily simulate the I-V curve of different arrays under various irradiance conditions while measuring and validating the effectiveness of the inverter’s MPPT algorithm. The PVS power supply outputs points on the I-V curve in 1...

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ATE System Power & Automotive 9115 Series 1200 W Multi-Range DC Power Supplies Any 9115 Series model can replace several supplies on your bench or in your rack. Unlike conventional supplies with fixed output ratings, these multi-range power supplies automatically recalculate voltage and current limits for each setting, providing full output power in any Volt/Amp combination within the rated voltage and current limits. Model 9115-AT automotive test functions The 9115-AT provides automotive power test waveforms compliant to DIN 40839 and ISO 16750-2 standards that can simulate common test...

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