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The 9830 Series are low distortion, single-phase AC power sources delivering a maximum of 3000 VA, 300 Vrms, 30 Arms / 97.5 Apk with the output frequency adjustable from 45 Hz - 1200 Hz. Housed in a compact 3U form factor, the AC source is capable of generating both AC, DC, and AC+DC output. Applications • Pre-compliance testing according to IEC61000-3-2 • Evaluating transformers, TRIACs, SCRs, and passive components • Simulating common power grid faults and disturbances Features & Benefits Measurements: Vrms, Arms, Vdc, +Apk, -Apk, inrush current, frequency, power factor, apparent power,...

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9800 Series AC Power Sources The 9800 Series is both a programmable AC source and measurement tool. These fully programmable linear AC sources deliver a maximum of 1500 VA through the universal line output terminals on the front and the output connector on the rear. Features & Benefits Displays Vrms, Irms, Ipeak, frequency, PF, apparent power, true power, and elapsed output time ■ Adjustable phase angle control ■ Total harmonic distortion: <0.5% at 45500 Hz (resistive load) Voltage and frequency sweep mode List mode: 10 user-defined programs with up to 100 programmable steps each BNC I/O...

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Scan QR code to watch 9130B Series overview video 9129B & 9130B Series Triple Output DC Power Supplies These triple output linear programmable DC power supplies feature isolated outputs that can be adjusted independently or combined in series or parallel to output higher voltage or current. Additionally, these supplies can operate in tracking mode with user-configurable ratios between channels. -► +VDC Channel 2 —► OVDC Bipolar output configuration The independent and isolated outputs can be used to create positive and negative outputs between channels 1 and 2. This feature is useful...

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MDL302 Dual-Channel Modular DC Electronic Load The MDL302 can support a full 300 W on each input channel with a voltage and current operating range up to 80 V/45 A, or 600 W combined, offering the industry’s highest power dual-channel DC load module. The SDL Series high power/high voltage DC electronic loads offer the industry’s highest power density (8 kW in 5U form factor) without sacrificing performance. The DC electronic loads can operate in constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), and constant power (CW) mode, and provide arbitrary and pulse generator...

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The 8600 Series programmable DC electronic loads provide the performance of modular system DC electronic loads in a compact benchtop form factor. With fast transient operation speeds up to 25 kHz, and high 16-bit measurement resolution and accuracy, these DC loads can be used for testing and evaluating a variety of DC sources such as DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, batteries, battery chargers, and photovoltaic arrays. Features & Benefits CC / CV / CR / CW operating modes ■ Measurement speed to 50 kHz ■■ Remote sense function Adjustable slew rate in CC mode ■ Standard RS232, USB...

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2800 Series DC Resistance Meters The 2800 Series DC resistance meters feature high accuracy and resolution. The 2840 is economically priced to meet the need of applications where extended range and temperature correction are not required. Touch screen to zoom or enter values * R - Resistance, LPR - Low Power Resistance, T - Temperature Features & Benefits Four-terminal Kelvin type test leads included ■ Low power test mode to protect DUT ■ Manual or Auto ranging User selectable speed options Zero correction ■ High-speed bin-sorting with statistical functions Comparator with pass/fail alarm...

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LCR Meters 894 & 895 Performance LCR Meters The 894 and 895 are high accuracy and high precision bench LCR meters capable of measuring inductance, capacitance, and resistance with a basic accuracy of 0.05% over a frequency of up to 1 MHz. These meters feature a vivid 4.3-inch TFT LCD with five convenient display modes, auto level control (ALC), cable length compensation (1/2/4 m), and bin sorting comparator. For accurate measurements, these performance LCR meters provide Open, Short, and Load corrections. USB host port Connect your USB flash drive to conveniently save data logs, settings,...

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891 Bench LCR Meter The 891 is a compact, precise, and versatile LCR meter capable of measuring inductors, capacitors and resistors at DC or from 20 Hz to 300 kHz, at both low and high impedance ranges. A large color display with all important parameters and measurement visible on one screen makes this meter easy to operate. The outstanding performance of the 891 makes it an invaluable tool for production, quality control, and R&D. LCR Meter Guide Introduction to the benefits of LCR meters and the theory behind the measurements, plus related terms and example applications. For more guides...

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B&K Precision offers a wide array of internal resistance/impedance based battery test solutions including handheld and benchtop units for field environments, labs, quality control, and production use, as well as frequency response analyzers for complex AC impedance data analysis and charge/ discharge systems. •—EZH Rt ct Model of simplified Randles cell

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In combination with a DC electronic load, the FRA8000 can be used to perform electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements for analysis of: Primary and secondary batteries Super capacitors and fuel cells Corrosion and surface treatments Response signal FRA8000 Frequency Response Analyzer The FRA stimulates the battery via the DC load’s analog programming input with a small sinewave signal at a specific frequency, measures the battery's voltage and current response, and calculates the complex impedance. The FRA measurement unit is capable of extracting very small signals from...

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