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2013/14 Products Catalog

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About B&K PrecisionIntroduction A message from the President It's hard to imagine that B&K Precision has been serving the electronics industry for over 60 years now. From modest beginnings in a TV Repair shop in Chicago, to today's modern manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, France and China; R&D and marketing offices in US, Israel and Romania; and distributors in over 50 countries, B&K have continued to innovate, strengthen, and expand our product offerings. Today's electronic engineers and students may not recall the era of cathode ray tubes, but our company started by making products to...

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About B&K Precision Family of Companies In 1961, Carl Korn placed B&K Precision sales and service support for that region. under an umbrella corporation, Dynascan, Engineers in China also know us through our comprising a variety of electronics firms. Itech brand. One of those companies, Cobra Electronics, came to dominate the Citizen’s Band (CB) radio phenomenon. Choosing to focus on An extensive network of independent radios, Korn sold B&K Precision. Through an distributors offers B&K Precision products ensuing series of ownership transitions B&K around the globe. Visit our website to find...

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For an indepth and most up-to-date product information, support news and more, visit www.bkprecision.com Product Overview Page One location for all product related information. (Single model # or series) Data sheet, user manual, and available accessories and software MSRP and warranty information Click for large product photos Product Video Where to Buy Technical Resources Search and find answers to frequently asked questions, plus a wealth of resources: application notes, product guides, manuals and drivers. Video Library View product overviews, demonstrations, and application videos in...

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Table of Contents Power Supply Filter Tool The B&K Precision website features comprehensive filtering tools to help you quickly choose the right instrument for your application.

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POWERand reliable power SUPPLIES Clean

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Power SuppliesSelection Guide Performance: These DC power supplies offer high speed and accuracy combined with advanced features such as DUT protection, list mode, and full programmability. All supplies offer SCPI compatible command set and come with Labview drivers. Ideal for R&D and ATE applications. _    Of

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Power SuppliesSelection Guide Value: This class of DC power supplies is targeted towards users who need features not found in the basic line such as remote sense. Many models offer a programming interface, but programmability is often limited and not SCPI compliant. Speed and accuracy are less important. Ideal for most general purpose applications. * = Optional ** = analog interface, can be controlled remotely via external analog signal

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Power SuppliesSelection GuideBasic: These DC power supplies offer the best in simplicity with their easy-to-use functions. All supplies can be controlled from the front panel only, and many models come with analog meters. Ideal for students, hobbyists, service and repair personnel, and other users who don't need all the extras. V A

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Power SuppliesPerformance (DC) Programmable Dual-Range DC Power Supplies Output Rating The 9170/9180 series programmable DC power supplies offer industry leading performance, designed to meet the most demanding applications in R&D, design verification and production test. All 9 models deliver clean, stable and precise output power due to the supplies' exceptionally low ripple and noise, low temperature coefficient, excellent regulation and fast transient response time characteristics. Additionally, the 9170/9180 series offers unique features not typically found in other power sources on the...

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Power Supplies Performance (DC) Rear Panel Standard USB interface Modular interface card slots Intelligent temperature-controlled cooling fan, low noise Only buy what you need, when you need it. Pick and choose from up to 4 different interface cards to install at time of purchase or upgrade later. Interface card options include: LAN and GPIB, Digital I/O and Analog Control, RS485, or RS232. Installation is quick and easy and does not require opening the instrument case (does not void warranty). Rear panel output and remote sense terminals Test modes for LED and other special applications To...

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Power SuppliesPerformance (DC) New Family of High Density System Power Supplies High Current Models The XLN series are compact, programmable, single-output DC power supplies, suitable for a wide range of applications. Comparable supplies from other manufacturers primarily address the ATE market only, while the XLN series are designed for both benchtop users and system integrators. For benchtop applications, these power supplies offer built-in voltage and current meters displaying setting and output values concurrently, as well as an intuitive user interface with full keypad and rotary knob....

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Power Supplies Performance (DC) Application Software High Current Models Rear Panel -GL version includes GPIB & LAN interface Remote sense External analog control input Included with the power supply is PC software for creating test sequences for execution in list mode via the GPIB or USB interface. High Voltage Models Rear Panel -GL version includes GPIB & LAN interface Generate, save, and load program lists. View output characteristic curves and export data to a file. Test Sequence Execution in List Mode Master/Slave Operation The list mode feature allows users to download a list of...

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Power Supplies Performance The 9120A and 9150 series are high performance linear-regulated programmable DC power supplies that provide excellent performance and features not found in other power supplies of the same price category. These power supplies are designed for applications in design verification, production testing, or university labs where the user requires clean, reliable power combined with high resolution/accuracy and a fast transient response time. Features & Benefits I Very low ripple and noise due to linear regulation I Excellent display resolution I Fast transient response...

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